Promotion of Diversity

In Vision 2025, our long-term business plan, we set a target of diversity promotion (diversity in our human resources) and are making efforts to create a culture where we can leverage the strengths of diverse human resources. Aiming to advance the company and strengthen its competitiveness in order to respond to a rapidly changing global market promptly, we have positioned the three following items as our mission in promoting diversity in our human resources:

  • 1. To construct a corporate constitution strong against environmental changes by adopting and fostering human resources with diverse values and ways of thinking.
  • 2. To incorporate diverse opinions and viewpoints to create a corporate culture where innovation arises as a matter of course.
  • 3. To realize a satisfying working environment by eliminating all factors of discrimination and respecting the individuality of employees.

Results for FY2017

The promotion of work-life balance through workstyle reform is key for promoting diversity and also, we position that balance as being indispensable for corporate development and are initiating it positively. Through such measures as flexible hours, taking accumulated holidays by unit of hours, and the use of the system for working at home, the employees are now able to work in more flexible and more diverse ways. We will continue to expand those eligible to make this system easier to leverage.
In support of life events, we have also hosted discussions with bosses who support employee childcare and made efforts to create frameworks for people who take childcare leave so maternity and childcare would not become detrimental to their careers (leaving work, slowdowns in career development).
Furthermore, as part of our social contribution activities, we continue to hold Girls’ Days* for junior high school students with hopes that they would become interested in technical jobs.

Girls’ Day

*:Girls’ Day is an event that originates in Germany, where introductions are offered for jobs in the science and engineering field which may not be too familiar in everyday life, piquing the interest of participants as they have fun.

Status of Progress on Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Two years have passed since we established our action plan, and we are gradually seeing results in work areas for women and for increased numbers of hires, however, the ratio of female managers remains unchanged. We will continue to focus on offering career support through such measures as exchanges with outside parties and collaboration plans with other companies.

“Career Stretch Forum” held jointly with other companies

Promotion of Diversity in areas Other than Gender (e.g. people with disabilities, those who are providing nursing care to family members, foreign nationals, etc.)

Our company is aiming to become a company where a diverse array of people can work actively, each in their own way. On our promotion for diversity in areas other than gender, we have distributed interviews internally on the Intranet from the angle; “people with disabilities”, “people who are engaged in nursing care for family members” and are making efforts to create a culture so it will become an awareness for cooperation.
As for our robotics business division, we have accepted employees with foreign nationalities from our Group for a short term (around a month) and have gone beyond cultures and languages and deepened our mutual understanding through work and are aiming to strengthen ties with our foreign subsidiaries and create opportunities for collaboration.

Status of diversity among Yaskawa employees and established target

Data on the composition of males and females among regular employees at Yaskawa are as described below.

Yaskawa Electric is proud to have built a work environment where the average age and average number of years in service are no different between male and female staff, and women are able to continue to work while raising children. However, female leaders are still few in number: five section heads and 24 subsection chiefs. In considering this issue, there is the fact that there have been limited avenues for its female employees to perform, and that there have been few women aiming to become a manager. The company is aiming to have more women perform by newly assigning female employees to sections that previously had no female members or by setting objectives to boost their share of hires and managers.

Gender ratios in new hires

Office Personnels Engineers Specialist Total
Females 3 (19%) 6 (13%) 0 (0%) 9 (13%)
Males 13 (81%) 40 (87%) 7 (100.0%) 60 (87%)
Total 16 (100.0%) 46 (100.0%) 7 (100.0%) 69 (100.0%)

Difference in average number of years of employment for males and females

  Average number of years
in employment
Average Age Number of regular employees
Females 17.3 41.0 354
Males 17.9 41.2 2481
Total 17.8 41.0 2835


  • Percentage of Woman

Average number of overtime hours worked by employees per month

  Overtime hours worked
Females 9.1
Males 20.6
Total 18.8

Ratio of female employees in management positions

  Managerial position Ratio  Assistant manager Ratio
Females 5 0.8% 24 3.2%
Males 626 99.2% 737 96.8%
Total 631 100.0% 761 100.0%

*Figures for managerial position include section chief or higher.

Ratio of promotions to department or section chief (average for the three most recent business years)

  Ratio of those promoted
Females 8.30%
Males 10.10%

Ratio of parental leave taken by breakdown of males and females

Ratio of employees who took parental leave
Females 100.0%
Males 7.3%

Ratio of paternity leave taken by employees

  Ratio of male employees
who took leave on childbirth
Males 90.2%
*At Yaskawa, employees are entitled to a paternity leave (five days when the spouse is giving birth to a child) in addition to parental leave.

Ratio of paid holidays taken by employees

Paid leave provided Paid leave taken Utilization rate of paid leave
20 days/people 13.4 days/people 67.0%


*The figures above do not apply to company officers, part-time employees or contractors, elder or senior staff, or dispatched workers.

Status pertaining to diverse career paths (total for the three most recent business years)

  Measures People
3 years
Employment of temporary staff as regular employee 33
Migration of employment management category for career development 20

Action Plan based on The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

To steadily push forward its initiatives to promote women in the workplace, the government in April 2016 introduced The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.
Yaskawa Electric is taking further steps to boost the efforts that it has been making to date to promote diversity and established and submitted an action plan for performance by women, based on which and as a result of pertinent analysis it has identified two issues for the company:


Issue 1: There are few avenues for female employees to perform.

< The number of departments for women to be assigned are limited.
< Few female employees are hired.


Issue 2: There are few women who aim for managerial positions.

< Equality has not been secured for equal opportunities for advancement.
(Due to interruptions in individual career paths for marriage and/or raising children)


And Yaskawa has established objectives for 2016-2018 to resolve these issues.

Objective 1-1: To assign female employees to six or more departments which do not currently have female workers.

Objective 1-2: The objectives for hiring in FY 2018 are as indicated below:
・Ratio of females out of the total number of hires: Greater than 1.3 times the ratio of female hires in FY 2012-2016.
・Ratio of females comprising clerical positions: Greater than 55%.
・Ratio of females comprising technical positions: Greater than 1.6 times the ratio of female hires in FY 2016.

Objective 2: The objectives for the appointment of female managers in FY 2018 are as indicated below:
・Total number of females in managerial positions: Greater than three times the number in FY 2015.
・Total number of department managers who are female: Greater than 1.5 times the number in FY 2015.
・Total number of department or section chiefs: Greater than five times the number in FY 2015.

Moreover, Yaskawa has established a “Yaskawa Electric Action Plan to Promote Performance by Women” as a specific action plan for resolving its issues and is promoting performance by women as it aims to become “Yaskawa Electric, a company where women shine”.