Commemorative Productions


YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs sword master

Yaskawa Electric Corporation conveys to the world the “manufacturing spirit” inherited continously in itself to mark its 100th anniversary of foundation.
In “YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT”, we reproduced Machii’s swordplay with MOTOMAN-MH24, while challenging the industrial robot’s performance limitations by integrating “legerity”, “accuracy” and “agility” at a high level. Machii retains many world records like “cutting a 6mm BB bullet”, and his swordplay has a reputation of theurgist. In this project, we also tried to express the courtesy and considerateness that Bushido has cherished.

  • yahooJAPAN_ICA

    We received a Gold Award for advertising campaign of corporation section from Yahoo! JAPAN internet creative award 2015.



The technology performance was shown at the Yaskawa Electric Robot Village Opening Ceremony on June 1st, 2015. It was made possible by the collaboration of Rhizomatiks and ELEVENPLAY.
Integrating the cutting-edge technology. The performance was aimed at making the audience feel and imagine the collaboration between humans and robots as well as the new possibilities of Yaskawa Electric.


The monument「PixCell-Double Muse」

The monument “PixCell-Double Muse” was created as part of Yaskawa Electric’s commemorative project in celebration of its 100th anniversary.
This monument was created from the fusion of “beauty” of the world in pursuit of cutting-edge contemporary art and the sharpness of industrial “beauty” achieved by pursuing quality as a manufacturer, in the motif of the “Muses,” goddesses of all intellectual activities and knowledge in Greek mythology.
The monument was produced by sculptor Kohei Nawa, and has been installed at the entrance of our head office in Kitakyushu since April 2015, as a “source of creation” for the new era.

The making video of the monument「PixCell-Double Muse」

Here is the making video of the monument “PixCell-Double Muse” that was produced as part of Yaskawa Electric’s commemorative project in celebration of its 100th anniversary.
You can see the production site at the creative platform “SANDWICH” in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, where the sculptor Kohei Nawa is based, as well as clips of transporting and installation of the monument.


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