Quality management

The pillars of our company’s management principle are “Developing and improving world-class technologies based on a focus on quality” and “commitment to serving consumers” which have been passed down since the company’s founding. We aim to achieve total customer satisfaction that includes not only product quality but also service quality and customer value creation.

Management based on CS philosophy

By implementing management based on our CS philosophy, we aim to create customer value. This links “improving job quality and productivity” to “customer first activities”. We are also working to instill the CS philosophy through active dialogue meetings between management and employees.


Efforts to improve overall work quality

K 30 (K: efficiency, 30: 30% increase) activities are designed to raise the productivity of each employee. Emphasizing the correlation between the performance indicators (KGI) and the leading indicators (KPI), we are developing top-down K 30 activities to improve productivity from a management perspective. Under the slogan, “Participate in KAIZEN (improvement) to achieve 30% or more efficiency” we are implementing KAIZEN 30 activities to practice QC stories through improvement activities and to improve the ability to solve problems and issues that lead to the improvement of the corporate structure.


Thorough implementation and penetration of quality improvement

We will enhance customer satisfaction and fulfill our social responsibilities by cultivating a corporate culture that adheres to the quality of work (QCD and Performance Quality) and the ability to execute. In particular, we aim to enhance quality capabilities based on the enhancement of KAIZEN (improvement) activities and the enhancement of human resource development, and to ensure the quality of our products through process-oriented activities.


Quality training

Our company provides the following five courses of quality education in order to develop human resources with practical skills to build in quality, safety, and reliability that lead to quality management, especially development capabilities.

  • Quality Management Course (ISO 9001, project management, etc.)
  • Safety standards certification course
  • Specialty course (Quality engineering, etc.)
  • Recurrence prevention course
  • Reliability Design Course

In order to revitalize on-the-job training in the workplace, we quantitatively and regularly monitor the status of development (Level and number of employees)of necessary skills in each division and systematically enhance the key skills.


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