Message from Hiroshi Ogasawara


As a ‘technology-centric’ company aiming to be the world’s best, Yaskawa achieves sustainable growth while providing new values to customers through a new solution concept, ‘i3-Mechatronics.’

Since being founded in 1915, Yaskawa Electric has set ‘electric motors and their applications’ as its business domain and supported the leading-edge industries of the age. In order to engage in business with its own technology, the company established a creed of ‘becoming a technology-centered company,’ proposed the concept of ‘mechatronics*1,’ ahead of the rest of the world, and has maintained quality-first management with the determination to develop the world’s first-in-class and revolutionary technologies and products. Yaskawa’s core technologies are ‘motion control,’ ‘robotics,’ and ‘power conversion.’ These technologies and products born and created out of our search for elaborate control of mechanical movements contribute on a daily basis to improvements in the quality and efficiency of manufacturing around the world. 
Our business hubs are located in 30 countries around the world including Japan, and the production bases are located in 12 countries. We operate a glocal*2 business which is adapted to each region’s characteristics. Yaskawa’s technologies, products and services are enjoying high reputation and great trust from customers worldwide.

In recent years, expectations for our solutions provided with servos and robots are increasing in response to challenges such as automation or labor saving against the backdrop of workforce shortage and rise of labor cost mainly in China. With the industrial advancement, manufacturing industries all over the world are undergoing rapid changes including the realization of Industrie4.0*3, the utilization of Internet of Things (IoT)*4 or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Under such conditions, we launched a new solution concept ‘i3-Mechatronics’ in October 2017 to realize the new industrial automation revolution put forward in the long-term management plan ‘Vision 2025.’ ‘I3(iCube)’ stands for three ‘i’s of integrated, intelligent and innovative. In addition to our current state-of-the-art solutions using servos, AC drives and robots, we provide digital data solutions with software to realize; 1) improvement of productivity by utilizing operational data from machinery and equipment, 2) securing and maintaining of high quality, and 3) zero-downtime production by means of failure prognosis of equipment using AI.
We create new value for our customers by proposing solutions that combine competitive hardware and software.

In 2018, we released a digital data management tool ‘YASKAWA Cockpit’, which is the core of ‘i³-Mechatronics.’ With this tool, which allows us to collect and visualize data of devices from production sites as well as to accumulate and analyze data in a comprehensive manner, we provide digital data solutions defined in ‘i³-Mechatronics’, and support the advancement of manufacturing of our customers.

Moreover, in autumn 2018, Yaskawa Solution Factory, which is a next-generation production factory that utilizes IoT and AI has been established within Iruma Plant Saitama Prefecture, the mother factory of a motion control business, and we began the production of ‘Σ-7 Series’, the primary product of the AC servo drive. Our customers have a great expectation for ‘i³-Mechatronics’, and we strive to promote the solution and our business activities for a further expansion.

Yaskawa endeavors to create new value for our customers by proposing solutions that integrate competitive components and together with digital. At the same time, in order to emphasize our business values sustainably, we continue providing more values together with our stakeholders including business partners, shareholders, investors, communities, employees, and so on.

We look forward to your continued attention.

Yaskawa Electric Corporation


  • *1 In the late 1960s, Yaskawa Electric led the world in putting forward this concept fusing ‘mechanism’ and ‘electronics.’ This concept evolved when we combined our customers’ machinery with Yaskawa’s electric products to create superior quality and function.
  • *2 Management style defined by both a global management mindset and best local support capabilities anywhere in the world.
  • *3 The concept of the fourth industrial revolution proposed by the German government. Refers to the linkage of goods and services inside and outside factories via the internet and other communication networks to create new values that did not exist before and construct new business models.

Hiroshi Ogasawara,
Representative Director


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