Disclosure Policy

1. Criteria for Disclosure

Yaskawa Electric Corporation’s (“Yaskawa”) criteria for disclosure is defined by the “Guidance on Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct.” ,which states that the Yaskawa Group complies with company information disclosure rules and strives to disclose correct information in a timely manner.

In accordance with the criteria, all organizational units of Yaskawa monitor information involving business activities (decisions, events, financial data, etc.), including the operations of subsidiaries, accurately and in a timely manner. Yaskawa is dedicated to the timely and proper disclosure of this information to investors and financial instrument exchanges.

2. Internal Systems for Information Disclosure

To handle corporate information as prescribed in the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Yaskawa appoints individuals who are responsible for the information control. For the timely disclosure of this information, in conformity with Yaskawa’s internal rules, the information is released after receiving the approval of the individual with the proper authority.

In addition, to prevent improper behavior, including such behavior involving the disclosure of information, there is a Compliance Committee that oversees compliance measures for the entire company as well as an internal reporting system called “Compliance Hot Line (emergency call).”

3. Disclosure Methods

For the disclosure of information that is subject to the timely disclosure rules of financial instrument exchanges where Yaskawa stock is listed, in accordance with these rules, information is announced by using the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Yaskawa may decide to provide explanations or distribute materials in an appropriate manner to member companies belonging to the Kabuto Club and/or the Kitakyushu Economic Press Club. Yaskawa may also post such information on our website.

However, in some cases, the Yaskawa website may not include all information that has been disclosed.

4. Silent Period

As a rule, Yaskawa maintains a silent period that starts on the day after the end of each fiscal quarter or fiscal year and ends on the day that financial results for that quarter or fiscal year are announced. The purpose is to ensure fairness by preventing leaks of this financial information. During this period, Yaskawa will not respond to questions or make any comments about financial results or forecasts.

However, even during this period, a suitable announcement will be made in accordance with timely disclosure rules if Yaskawa determines that a change in the forecast has occurred that requires disclosure.

5. Forward-looking Statements

Statements concerning the performance of Yaskawa or the Yaskawa Group in the current fiscal year or in the future and other forward-looking statements are based on assumptions that reflect reasonable judgments using information currently available. Actual performance may differ from these statements for a number of reasons.

Significant factors that may influence actual performance include economic conditions in Japan and overseas that are related to Yaskawa’s business operations, the demand for Yaskawa’s products and services, and movements in foreign exchange rates and stock prices. In addition, there are many other items that may affect performance.

Please refer to the separate Disclaimer for precautions regarding the use of information on the Yaskawa website.


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