Coexistence with Local Communities

At our global locations with production and business sites, as well as in the city of Kitakyushu, where Yaskawa is headquartered, we will actively participate in local events, promote sports, and provide a venue for dialogue with domestic and overseas guests and industry-academia-government communications, in an effort to contribute to society and promote co-creation with the local community.

Disaster Recovery Support

We are engaged in volunteer activities using the leave days to restore the lives of people affected by natural disasters.

Heavy rains in July 2018

In response to the heavy rain which caused damages in the West Japan in July 2018, we made donations, collected donations from employees, and volunteered.


Community Exchanges

We are working to build a better relationship with the local community by interacting with the local community through factory and site tours, social experience programs, sponsorship of local soccer teams, and participation in local events.

Participation in various events with “YASKAWA-KUN”

As part of our efforts to utilize industrial robots for non-manufacturing applications, we have continued to open stores at various events with our “YASKAWA-KUN ” ice cream robot, which was launched in the summer of 2010. Not only children, but also adults who don’t usually see industrial robots enjoy it.

Activities utilizing Robot Village

Since Yaskawa opened Robot Village at its head office in Kitakyushu on June 1, 2015 as part of its 100th anniversary project, the YASKAWA Innovation Center, an integral facility at the village, has welcomed more than 100,000 visitors as of June 2018. Embracing our hopes to nurture children who are our future and to express our appreciation to the people of the community who have supported us since our establishment, our guides and every one of our staff members aim to deliver the appeals of Yaskawa to the visitors to deepen their understanding for our company.

We will continue to use Robot Village as a contact point that ties Yaskawa with the community by continuing to vigorously take part in local events, offer inspection tours to customers from both Japan and abroad, and as an avenue for communication between industry, government, and academia for our group to co-exist with the community.

“Kurosaki Shrine fortune slip robot” set up at JR Kurosaki Station


A “fortune slip robot” using Yaskawa’s seven-axis vertical articulated robot was installed on the premises of JR Kurosaki Station, the nearest station to the head office, with the aim of supporting regional revitalization. When you press a button in front of the booth that resembles a shrine entrance, the robot sets a ball with light music and starts. The roller coaster tracks are broken in places, and the robot guides the ball to the goal while bridging them with complex movements. When you put a ball in some goal pockets, a fortune slip comes out and tells your fortune for the day.
(Opening hours: 9: 30 – 17: 00, free of charge)

Social contribution activities overseas


Robot Center Receives Visitors from Educational Institutions

Students on a tour at Shanghai Robot Center

Since opening its Shanghai Robot Center in 2014, Yaskawa has been receiving visitors from many educational institutions including junior high schools, vocational schools, and universities. Photo shows students from Department of International Studies of Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School on a visit where they appeared fascinated by the various movements of the robots and the demonstration products for AC servos and AC drives. The heated inspection tour continued at the adjacent After Service Center that offers follow-up services for the repair and maintenance of Yaskawa products.


Hosting of Students during National Robotics Week

A tour of the facility of Yaskawa America Inc.

In celebration of National Robotics Week, Yaskawa America invited about 400 students from high schools, universities, and career centers on a tour of its robotics operation. The students had the opportunity to see live robotics demonstrations and learn about future careers in automation.


Participation in The Baltic Sea Circle Rally, a Charity Event

Between June and July 2016, two engineers at Yaskawa Europe drove a distance of more than 7,500 km to Nordkapp (North Cape), the northernmost point of Europe, collecting funds for charity. The collected funds were used to support an organization that is dedicated to child welfare and the eradication of child poverty.

  • At Yaskawa Europe where the rally started


Free seminar held at Thai Robot Center

Yaskawa Electric Thailand held a free seminar for nonprofit organizations to contribute to the development of human resources and the promotion of the next generation of the industry sector. More than 50 people from the Technology Promotion Association Thailand-Japan visited Yaskawa’s Robot Center in March 2017 where they watched and experienced demonstrations and seminars on the latest robotics technology.

  • Seminar held in Robot Center


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