Policy on cross-shareholdings

Policy on Cross-Shareholdings

For the purpose of continuously enhancing corporate value and strengthening relationships with business partners, the Company may hold shares only when it deems it necessary for business operations.

Consideration of the Appropriateness of Holding

With respect to cross-shareholdings, the Company comprehensively examines the significance of holding them from the viewpoints of business efficiency, profitability, and holding risk, and the Board of Directors makes a decision on the appropriateness of holding them every year.

Exercise of Voting Rights

In light of our company’s purpose of holding the shares, the division in charge exercises the voting rights after confirming whether the proposal of the issuing company contributes to the enhancement of the Company’s corporate value. The Company may communicate with the issuing company if necessary.

Diluted Significance of Shareholdings

We consider the sale after considering the impact on the business and market of the issuing company.


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