Yaskawa Principles

Yaskawa Electric experienced a sense of danger in management during the confusion of the first oil shock in the 1970s, and based on the “founding motivation” of its founder, Daigoro Yasukawa, the company formulated its corporate principles in 1979.

We have reclassified our principles into “Our Purpose,” “Our Values” and “Our Actions” in 2022 as the Yaskawa Principles to promote better understanding and strengthen the practices of all employees globally.

This principle always serves as a flag for the significance of our existence, the core values of “Quality”, “Profitability” and “Market”, as well as the daily code of conduct.

The spirit behind this is our origin, which never changes over time. We take this origin as the foundation of our mind for the sustainable growth of the Yaskawa Group into the future, and put it into practice every day as the criteria of judgment, to realizing our principles.

Our Purpose

Yaskawa’s mission is to contribute broadly to social development and human welfare through the execution of our business.

Since its inception, YASKAWA Electric has expanded its business with “electric motors and their applications” as a major business pillar. The spread of our Group’s diverse technologies and products to society will help to improve the advancement of machinery and manufacturing.

Yaskawa innovation contributes to the advancement of social development, creating a safer, cleaner, more efficient and sustainable workplace to free the workforce from the 3Ds (Dangerous, Dirty, Dull). The purpose of the Yaskawa is to contribute to a society where people can live a safe, secure and humane life.

Yaskawa History Museum and Yaskawa Innovation Center at the headquarter
Yaskawa History Museum and Yaskawa Innovation Center at the headquarter

Our Values

To achieve the mission, our group has set the following three objectives and work hard to achieve them.

  1. Quality
    Always developing and improving world-class technologies with a focus on quality
  2. Profitability
    Working to improve management efficiency and secure Profit necessary for the sustainable growth
  3. Market
    Serving the needs of our customers and pursuing customer satisfaction

Our Actions

We respect our group’s heritage and strive to realize our mission, and through this, we seek the group’s prosperity and our own well-being by raising society’s trust.

In particular, the following five items comprise our daily action guidelines.

✔ Stay customer-focused.

✔ Pursue both high quality and high profitability.

✔ Work hard to overcome the competition with a fighting spirit.

✔ Broaden our perspective and change our thinking.

✔ Deepen mutual trust and strive for unity and cooperation.

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