Daigorou Yasukawa has set up the office in Kurosaki, Kitakyushu city with the cooperation of his elder brothers. Yaskawa Electric was established there in April 1915.

all set Daigorou
motor 20HP


The company’s first order product “three-phase induction motor 20HP” was delivered in 1917. It has received orders of induction motors for skewer hoisting machines from coal mining companies.

Synchronous motor


Synchronous motor 4,000HP 250rpm for rolling machines was delivered to a Japanese iron manufacture Yahata steel plants in 1935.

first export


Yaskawa has actively attempted to export in 1940s, and the contract for the first export after the Second World War was signed in 1948.

VS motor


In 1950, a revolutionary and user-friendly component VS motor which has variable speed and remote control was developed. The first product was embedded on a double-turn printing press.



Minertia motor was invented in 1958 which boosted the remarkable control ability that reply speed hundred times the response speed of conventional model. It presented the prototypic figure of servo motor Yaskawa’s key component.


Yaskawa’s motion control technology advanced significantly in the 1960’s, and developed many products as applied model of small motors. The coined word “MECHATRONICS” was registered a trademark in 1972.


MOTO fingersIn the 1960’s, it commercialized automatic equipment series that challenged electrically, such as MOTO fingers and MOTO arms, and became the basis for our robotics business.

unmanned factoryThe unmanned factory concept was proposed that automation of the trinity with a detector, controller and actuator were combined in the 1960’s.

VS-626TVThe technical research for AC drives has started, and the world first vector control drives VS-626TV was launched in 1979. They have significantly changed the driving operation with a conventional direct motors.



Yaskawa’s legendary robot MOTOMAN-L10 with first full electric system in Japan which becomes the basis of the current industrial robot was completed in 1977.

sigma series


The small volume AC servo drive Σ(Sigma) series began selling in 1992 in pursuit of thorough miniaturization and high performance. It became the cornerstone of the current motion control business.



Yaskawa has networked MECHATROLINK suitable for motion control and founded MECHATROLINK Members Club (MMC) in 2003.



The motor drive system QMET (Qualified Magnetic Electronic Transmission) for HEV which consists of motor and power control unit was developed in 2009 by utilizing the motor drive technology.

motor car_internal


The dual arm SDA series as next generation robot was developed in order to automate an assembly area in 2012.

robotics human assistanceYaskawa advanced into the field of robotics human assistance, and practiced application of rehabilitation equipment that has been developed in cooperation with medical institutions.

Changzhou cityYASKAWA (China) Robotics Co., Ltd (YCR) was established in Changzhou city as a first overseas robot production base in 2012.


It has commemorated the 100th anniversary in 2015, with the new head office building a robot village, together with a new corporate logo for the next century.

head office


Yaskawa has been evolving “Mechatronics” aiming at a new industrial automation revolution, and in 2017 it proposed a solution concept “i3-Mechatronics” which added elements of digital data management.


Yaskawa solution factory which becomes a servo’s mother factory as a place to demonstrate i3-Mechatronics solution has been fully operational.

solution factory


YASKAWA Europe Robotics d.o.o. (Slovenia) begins production of industrial robots.



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