Labor-management relations

Yaskawa’s labor union began as the Yaskawa Electric Manufacturing employees’ union on December 25, 1945 and later changed its name to Yaskawa Workers Union, which is currently under the Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union (“JEIU”).

The number of union members, including associated companies, stands at 3,338(including associate members) as of March 1, 2022 and there is no labor union organized for part-timers or contract employees. Yaskawa also organizes Yaskawa Group Union, comprising Yaskawa Workers Union, YAD Workers Union, Food & Agri Mechatro Solutions Workers Union and YEM Workers Union under JEIU. Yaskawa and its domestic affiliates, which organize labor unions, have concluded collective agreements with the labor unions of each company and, by respecting each other‘s standpoint, have established orderly labor-management relations and proper working conditions.

In order to conduct smooth operations based on its administration rights with understanding and trust from the union, the company holds a joint management council for the company president, managements and workers union officials once every half-year to discuss business and labor issues, as well as a regular monthly meeting to share and discuss business situations and other topics. A labor-management committee is also held to improve working conditions and treatment of union members.


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