Policy on human resources

Based on its management principle, the Yaskawa Group aims to improve productivity and achieve sustainable development by securing, developing, and optimally allocating human resources that can contribute to the development of society and the welfare of humankind through business operations. We also aim to create a work environment where employees can work with peace of mind so that each and every one of our diverse employees can make the most of their abilities.

Human Resources Philosophy

The Yaskawa Group has established its Human Resources Philosophy, which sets forth the basic principles of the Group’s human resources and personnel systems. The philosophy consists of the following basic principles regarding the desired human resources, human resources development, work environment, and evaluation and treatment.

Expectations for Human Resources

Since its founding, Yaskawa Electric has been constantly striving to meet the needs of the times. We are looking for people who have a sense of professionalism, are not afraid of failure, cooperate with others, and continue to challenge new things.

Human Resources Development

We will provide opportunities for growth so that each employee can take on challenges to realize his or her own goals. Through self-development, OJL, and OFF-JL, we will develop human resources who can contribute to the expansion of global business beyond cultural, customary, and linguistic barriers.

Creation of Work Environment

We will make every effort to improve the work environment so that employees can spend their daily work life in good physical and mental health. We will eliminate all forms of discrimination from the workplace environment and strive to prevent harassment. In addition, in order to promote a work-life balance, we are building initiatives and systems to realize a variety of working styles.

Assessment and Compensation

Through regular meetings, we clarify the roles expected of each employee. We will build a system in which those who work hard and achieve results are evaluated, and improve transparency by disclosing information on evaluation standards. The results achieved will be fairly evaluated through consultation and rewarded fairly in terms of remuneration, promotion and promotion.


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