Basic Approach to Compliance

The Yaskawa Group believes that it is essential to conduct business in a sincere and fair manner and gain the trust of society in order to realize the Group’s management principle of broadly contributing to the development of society and the welfare of humankind through the conduct of business. Based on this awareness, in order to respect social rules and practice compliance, we have established the “Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct Guidance” which clearly describes the basic matters to be observed and the code of conduct.

“Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct Guidance” is translated into each language and communicated to all directors and employees of Yaskawa Group companies worldwide.

Compliance Promotion System

The Yaskawa Group has established a compliance promotion system based on the Group Compliance Basic Regulations.

The head office of Yaskawa Electric has established the Compliance Suprvising Division and the Compliance Promotion Division, which are responsible for promoting compliance across the entire Yaskawa Group. Compliance officers and promotion leaders have been appointed in each business division and group companies in Japan and overseas to ensure effective reporting.

In addition, in order to build a compliance system from a group-wide perspective, we have established the Compliance Committee, which discusses important matters related to compliance and determines policies. (Held twice a year in principle)

Internal Reporting System (Compliance Hotline)

In order to prevent and detect scandals at an early stage, the Yaskawa Group receives reports at all times (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) through its internal and external contact points (Compliance Hotline).​
The Compliance Hotline is available to all employees of Yaskawa Electric and its domestic consolidated subsidiaries, as well as business partners.​
A global hotline has also been established for overseas group companies, and reports are received at all times (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) through the contact points of external specialist companies.​
The hotline contact points are informed through compliance cards carried by employees, internal posters, and the intranet.

Compliance Education for Employees

The Yaskawa Group is continuing to provide employees with a variety of compliance education programs and activities to raise their awareness of legal compliance.

[Outline of compliance education]

・Stratified compliance education (Training for new employees, new managers, new executives of associated companies, etc.)
・Compliance promotion month in October every year
・Study sessions on various laws and regulations (E-learning, classroom-learning, etc.)

Themes of compliance education Scope of implementation
Cartel Global
Intellectual property right Yaskawa group in Japan
Subcontract act Yaskawa group in Japan
Security trade Global
Prevention of insider trading Yaskawa group in Japan
Prevention of harrassment Yaskawa group in Japan


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