Procurement policy

The Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct sets forth the following to pursue optimal procurement, understand suppliers, and ensure sound relationships and proper payment procedures. Suppliers are also required to comply with the law.

  1. When selecting suppliers, we make a comprehensive assessment and rational decision based not only on quality, price and delivery times but also on the state of their system for operations, such as technical and operations capability, business soundness, legal compliance, environmental conservation, health and safety, and other criteria.
  2. In procurement transactions, we secure documents or data that show the agreement between each supplier for the unit price of the order and evidence that the products or services have been received. We also carry out thorough recording of expenses, amounts of cost and times that are consistent with the facts by following appropriate procedure.
  3. We pay close attention in procurement transactions to whether there is any violation of the laws and regulations, risk for conflict of interest, or risk of involvement with organized crime group through money laundering, etc. We have no relationship whatsoever with organized crime group and take a firm stance against its demands.
  4. We examine the facts about suppliers and their eligibility as a trading partner before a transaction starts and reexamine them regularly after the transaction starts. We also strive to understand as much as possible about the subcontractors of suppliers.

Basic Policy for Material Procurement

Fair and impartial transactions

We will conduct fair and equitable transactions in accordance with the basic agreement on transactions in order to fulfill our social responsibilities such as compliance and consideration for the environment together with our business partners. We make decisions based on the results of the evaluation in “quality” “price” “delivery” “management information” “consideration for the environment”.

Open door policy

In search of new suppliers, we open our doors to the world and provide fair and equitable trading opportunities based on free competition.

CSR-Based procurement

We will strive to build partnerships with business partners through CSR (corporate social responsibility) and fair trade in compliance with laws and regulations.

Green procurement

We have established the “Green Procurement Guidelines” with the aim of procuring materials with low environmental impact, and are working with our suppliers to protect the global environment. We are also implementing thorough management of hazardous substances based on our environmental management system.


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