Basic Policy

At Yaskawa, in order to procure goods which meet our requirements for quality, costs, and delivery times, we have mutual trust and cooperation with our partners and make efforts to maintain and improve these relationships so that each of us may continue to thrive and prosper.

Basic policy for procurement

Fair Trade

 We practice fair trade founded on a basic trade contract to ensure that both Yaskawa and our suppliers fulfill our respective social responsibility for compliance and environmental protection. We select new suppliers based on an evaluation of the quality, price, delivery, management information and environmental requirements.

Open Door Policy

 We provide equal and fair trading opportunities based on free competition in transactions by opening widely the door to the world in search of new suppliers.

CSR-Based Procurement

 Through fair trade that complies with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the law, we work to build partnerships with our suppliers.

Green Procurement

 We formulated the Green Procurement Guidelines for the purpose of procuring materials with low environmental impact, and we work with our suppliers to conserve the global environment. We also closely control hazardous substances following our environmental management system.

Initiatives for Handling Conflict Minerals Provision

 Some minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) which are produced by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries are called Conflict Minerals due to concern that they may be financing armed forces that conduct illegal acts such as human rights violations and acts of violence. Our “Guidelines on the provision for conflict minerals” were established in 2013 to make clear Yaskawa’s policies for handling Conflict Minerals. Through these efforts, the company is making sincere efforts on the issue of human rights in the area around Congo which will tie in to eliminating the inflow of funds to armed forces.
 In order to realize its principle of management to contribute to the well-being of humankind, Yaskawa, together with its partners, will take concrete steps through its business to respond to the issue of Conflict Minerals Provision.

 Both the scope of the questionnaire and the response rate have been improving since the survey began. According to the survey, the use of raw materials that will finance armed forces has not been confirmed to date. In the event that raw materials are discovered to be financing armed forces, Yaskawa’s policy is to make a prompt replacement.


Statement on UK Modern Slavery Act

YASKAWA Group, in response to the request of the UK Modern Slavery Act, discloses the Statement on UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 for FY 2020 as follows.



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