Basic Policy

We build better partnerships and fulfill our corporate social responsibility together with our suppliers.

Basic policy for procurement

We continually strive to improve our procurement system to ensure that the products we purchase meet our standards of quality, cost, and delivery, as well as to build good business relationships with our suppliers for mutual trust, cooperation, and true mutual benefit.



Open Door Policy

We provide equal and fair trading opportunities based on free competition in transactions by opening widely the door to the world in search of new suppliers.



Fair Trade

We practice fair trade founded on a basic trade contract to ensure that both Yaskawa and our suppliers fulfill our respective social responsibility for compliance and environmental protection.
We select new suppliers based on an evaluation of the quality, price, delivery, management information and environmental requirements.



Green Procurement

We formulated the Green Procurement Guidelines for the purpose of procuring materials with low environmental impact, and we work with our suppliers to conserve the global environment. We also closely control hazardous substances following our environmental management system.



Compliance with Conflict Minerals Statutory Provision

We formulated prepared “Conflict Minerals Statutory Provision–Compliant Guidelines” to define our policy.
By this activity, we block financial inflow into conflict regions and respond sincerely to the human-rights issues around Congo.



CSR-Based Procurement

Through fair trade that complies with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the law, we work to build partnerships with our suppliers.