For research and Development, with the concept “Creation of Human & Eco Mechatronics for the People and the Earth”, Yaskawa is committed to the technological developments leading to the progress of mechatronics products in the fields of motion control, drive and robotics as well as new technology that is good for people and the earth to respond to the society’s recent demands.

Read about Yaskawa’s basic policy for technology development.

Core technologies

Core technologies

It has been 100 years since we have driven a motor. Yaskawa’s DNA is to be a technology-driven company. The company is committed to developing new technologies for “motors and their application” every day.

Yaskawa Technical Review presents R&D Information on Yaskawa’s products and technologies as well as technology trends in the industry.

Untold stories and episodes of Yaskawa’s various products and technologies

Information on Yaskawa’s R&D trends and intellectual property

The international standards that are based on Yaskawa is initiatives.

The features on Yaskawa’s Venture Investments


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