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With the Yaskawa Technology Center (YTC) at our core, we will strengthen technology development that creates value for our customers.


 Yaskawa’s technologies originate with in-house production of three-phase induction motors. After experiencing manufacturing and sales of electrical coal-pit equipment for coal pit hoist etc., we have made contributions to the electrification and automation of industry taking geographical advantage of Kitakyushu. This has led us to engage in the present system engineering business.

 At the same time, focusing on factory automation, we advocated the mechatronics concept earlier than anybody by combining mechanism and electronics, in order to dramatically improve functions and performance of customers’ machines. This concept led the company toward the Motion Control business and the Robotics business, and since then, the key technology development of the company have been motors and their applied technologies such as “motion control,” “robotics technology,” and “power conversion.” We are confident in our control technology as the world’s highest level.

 Today, we are promoting a new concept, i3-Mechatronics, which is an evolution of automation in mechatronics with the use of digital data, and accelerating technology development in order to realize a new industrial automation revolution, as stated in our long-term business plan, “Vision 2025“.

 To further strengthen our ability to respond to changing market needs, we began full operation of the Yaskawa Technology Center (YTC) in FY 2021, a new technology development base that will be the core of the Yaskawa Group in Japan and overseas. The engineers who had been dispersed at various sites were integrated together to create an consistent technological development system from research and design to production test lines. In addition, we are working to share technical information both internally and externally on a global basis by utilizing the company’s DX initiative, YASKAWA Digital Transformation, and are promoting joint projects to accelerate industry-academia-government collaboration. We will make the best use of our internal and external strengths and reinforce our technological development efforts to become the first and best in the world through breakthrough technological advances.

 In FY 2023, with YTC we will continue to leverage our world-class mechatronics technology and open innovation to strengthen our technological development that creates value for our customers while also contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

 Please watch out for Yaskawa’s technologies and products.

Masahiro Ogawa,
Representative Director
YASKAWA Electric Corporation


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