CTO Message

Human & Eco-Mechatronics for the People and the Earth

Michihiko Zenke
Corporate Vice President

Yaskawa’s technologies originate with domestic production of three-phase induction motors.
After experiencing manufacturing and sales of electrical coal-pit equipments for coal pit hoist etc, we have made contributions to the electrification and automation of industry with its motors and the applied technologies. This led us to engage in the present system engineering business.
Furthermore, focusing on merging the mechanism and electronics from a broader perspective toward factory automation, we advocated the mechatronics concept, earlier than anybody, to dramatically improve functions and performance of customers’ machines. This concept led the company toward the Motion Control business and the Robotics business.
Since then, we have been making contributions to industrial and social development with our mechatronics technologies and products serving the world with pride.
These days, societies are facing many challenges including labor shortage due to aging population and declining birthrate, livelihood support for the growing elderly population, and environmental concerns such as global warming.
Yaskawa believes that its technologies can contribute in solving those challenges.
Aiming to offer Eco-mechatronics for the People and the Earth, Yaskawa makes efforts in research and development for evolving its long-cultivated mechatronics technologies into the next-generation mechatronics technologies that can widely contribute to social development and mankind’s welfare.

Please keep your eyes on our new technologies and products.