Risk management

Basic policy

The Yaskawa Group has established the following basic policies for risk management in its “Basic Rules for Crisis Management”.

  • Establish a crisis management system in Yaskawa Group to raise awareness and prevent crisis.
  • Clarify the procedures to be followed in the event of a crisis, and minimize the impact on management and business operations by responding promptly and appropriately in the event of a crisis.

Promotion system

The Crisis Management Committee has been established as a company-wide committee to supervise various technical committees, and discussions and measures are being taken across the organization regarding responses to various risks faced by Yaskawa.
In addition, crisis information managers have been appointed at Group companies in Japan and overseas to handle global risk management.

Risk management initiatives

On a semi-annual basis, the Risk Management Committee, whose members include top management, including the chairs of various technical committees, meets to discuss business risks in each area and how to respond to them. When an emergency and serious incident occurs, a crisis task force is set up to resolve the situation. Specifically, the task force is to promptly gather information and raise awareness within the Group to minimize the impact on the lives and safety of employees and their families, as well as on business operations. In addition, the Group regularly reports to the Management Committee and the Board of Directors on the implementation of initiatives to address these important risks, and disclose information through websites and other means as necessary.


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