Risk Management

Basic policy

The Yaskawa Group has established the following basic policies for risk management in its “Basic Rules for Crisis Management”.

  • Establish a crisis management system in Yaskawa Group to raise awareness and prevent crisis.
  • Clarify the procedures to be followed in the event of a crisis, and minimize the impact on management and business operations by responding promptly and appropriately in the event of a crisis.

Promotion system

Yaskawa has established the Risk Management Committee as a company-wide committee, and members from each region and division meet regularly to discuss and implement responses to various risks faced by Yaskawa.
In addition, we have designated “crisis information manager” who are in charge of risk management at domestic and overseas group companies, and are working on risk management by promptly communicating with them as necessary.

Risk management initiatives

In response to the outbreak of new coronavirus infections, we have established a crisis response headquarters as an urgent and serious case. Specifically, we are conducting activities to protect the lives and health of employees and minimize the impact on business operations by collecting information, regularly reporting to management and crisis information managers, and alerting the Group. We also regularly report to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on our progress in addressing these important risks.
In addition to the above, we have established a Disaster Countermeasures Committee and formulated a business continuity plan that assumes disasters (Major earthquakes and river flooding) in each region. We are working to minimize risks to business operations due to natural disasters.


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