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Corporate Bond (As of May 20, 2021)

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1st Unsecured Bond
(Green Bond)
May 20,
May 20,
JPY 10bn 0.13%

∗ Green bonds are bonds issued to raise funds specifically for environmental activities.

Green bond reporting (As of August 2023)

Allocation Reporting

All of the 10 billion yen raised from the first unsecured corporate bond (green bond) issued on May 20, 2021 was allocated to the construction of the Yaskawa Technology Center.

Impact Reporting

<Output indicators>

Regarding the progress and completion of construction work
Yaskawa Technology Center : Completed in March 2021

In detail, please refer to the link bellow.

<Outcome indicators>

Reduction of CO2 emissions at the Yaskawa Technology Center
At the time of completion, the power used at the Yaskawa Technology Center had already been switched to CO2-free, so the Yaskawa Technology Center had achieved zero CO2 emissions from energy use.
Product names and environmentally friendly points of green products developed at the Yaskawa Technology Center,
Please refer to the link for applicable products and their details (Japanese only).
Reduction of CO2 emissions by using our products including green products developed at the Yaskawa Technology Center
FY2022 results : 2,936,389 tons-CO2

<Impact indicators>

Reduce cumulative CO2 emissions by 120 million tons since FY2016 through the use of products sold by 2025
FY2022 results : Reduction of CO2 emissions through products Cumulative total of 79 million tons-CO2
Reduce total CO2 emissions by 30% compared to FY2018 by 2025 and 51% by 2030
FY2022 results: Total reduction of CO2 emissions in our group was 20.0% (compared to FY2018)
Reduce the amount of waste generated to less than the amount generated in FY2018 by 2025
FY2022 results: 90% of group waste emissions (compared to FY2018)
Appropriate management of water usage and wastewater (recycling rate of used water, treatment applied to wastewater, etc.)
FY2022 results: Effective reuse of rainwater 1,339m3(cubic meter)


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