Rating and Bond Information

Credit Rating (As of April 21, 2022)

Credit Rating

Rating Outlook

Rating and Investment Information (R&I)

A Stable

Corporate Bond (As of May 20, 2021)

Bond Name

Issue Date
(Payment Date)

Maturity Date


Coupon Rate

1st Unsecured Bond
(Green Bond)
May 20,
May 20,
JPY 10bn 0.13%

∗ Green bonds are bonds issued to raise funds specifically for environmental activities.

Green bond reporting (As of May 2022)

Allocation status reporting
The entire amount raised by the first unsecured corporate bond (green bond) issued on May 20, 2021 was used to fund the construction of the “Yaskawa Technology Center”.
Impact reporting*
Impact reporting is scheduled to be disclosed in conjunction with the 2021 environmental data on our official website in August 2022.

* It will be released in August from next year onwards.


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