Group Code of Conduct

As a member of global communities, Yaskawa Group is convinced that compliance, fairness and integrity are the fundamental of our business in achieving our mission that we leverage the pursuit of our business to contribute to the advancement of society and the well-being of humankind. “Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct” sets forth basic policies all group companies have to comply with and this “Guidance on Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct” provides all officers and employees of our group with practical guidelines to implement such policies in their business activities.

16 principles of “Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct”

  1. Compliance and Sincere, Responsible Behavior
  2. Sustainable Society through Eco-friendly Business Activities
  3. Fair Competition
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Information Security
  6. Timely and Appropriate Disclosure
  7. Document Management, Fair and Transparent Decision-making
  8. Compliance with Accounting and Taxation Rules
  9. Thorough Management of Security Trade Control
  10. Sales and Credit Management
  11. Safety and Quality Control
  12. Procurement and Proper Payment
  13. Relationships with Distributer, Agent and Representative
  14. Relationships with Stakeholders and Interested Parties
  15. Compliance with Labor Laws
  16. Satisfying Workplace Environment


Guidance on Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct


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