Social contribution policy

Yaskawa is committed to contributing to the local community as one of the aims in “create a rewarding workplace and human resource development” of the materiality identified in accordance with its Sustainability Policy.
Specifically, since one of Yaskawa’s DNA (corporate culture) is “technology-driven,” we believe that the development of human resources in science and engineering is directly related to our business, and we are focusing on the development of human resources who will take a role in the evolution of manufacturing. In addition, by conducting the above activities in Robot Village (our headquarters and Yahatanishi Plant in Kitakyushu city) as our core base, we aim to coexist and co-create with the local community.
In addition, Yaskawa has established its policy in social relations in the Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct as follows and is actively promoting its business activities and social contributions.

Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct Guidance

Based on this guidance, we will promote our business activities with an awareness of contributing to society, including local communities. Donations are made through a transparent approval process that includes checking for potential anti-social forces.

We have also established the following social contribution policies, and are working to build good relationships and create value through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders.

Social Contribution Policy

With “a company founded on technology” as our motto, we will work to develop human resources who will play a role in “evolution of manufacturing” as a global company, and promote social contribution activities to coexist and co-create with local communities.

Cultivation of people who will play a role in evolution of manufacturing
We will stimulate interest in science and technology and contribute to the cultivation of people who will play a role in future manufacturing.

Coexistence and co-creation with local communities
We will contribute to the development of human resources and regional revitalization by supporting academic and educational activities, and through the promotion of sports, culture and the arts, especially in regions where Yaskawa has plants and business bases.

Coexistence and co-creation with local communities

Promotion System

We have established the Social Contribution and Diversity Promotion Dept. within the General Affairs Div., and are making efforts to contribute to society. We will promote activities that make local residents happy to have Yaskawa in the community and that make employees happy to work for Yaskawa.

Also, we established the “YASKAWA Mirai Club” in 2005 as a mechanism for our employees to participate in social contribution activities. Employees of Yaskawa and Yaskawa Group companies, who voluntarily joined the YASKAWA Mirai Club in support of its objectives, continue to contribute part of their salaries, and use the funds raised to make various social contribution activities and donations.
The status of these activities is reported on a social contribution page on the company intranet.

Breakdown of Donation to Social Contribution Activities by Field

Centered on the above-mentioned community contribution policy, Yaskawa provides support to various fields and organizations (For example, incorporated associations, foundations, NPOs and NGOs).


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