Policy Regarding Facilitation of Communication with Our Shareholders

1. Responsible Officer

Shuji Murakami, Representative Director and Corporate Executive Vice President

2. Responsible Section

Corporate Communications Division

3. Efforts to Improve Communication Means

We carry out various events targeting analysts, institutional investors and individual investors, respectively.
(For example, we hold financial results briefings, business briefings, factory tours and participate in various IR events.)

4. Effective Feedback of Shareholders’ Opinions, Etc.

Opinions that are obtained from our shareholders and investors through IR activities and analyst reports that are issued from time to time are appropriately and properly reported to the management and other related persons/sections.

5. Insider Information Management Measures Taken in Conducting Communication

As a rule, Yaskawa maintains a quiet period for four weeks prior to the announcement of financial results of each fiscal quarter. The purpose is to ensure fairness by preventing leaks of this financial information. During this period, Yaskawa will not organize investor meetings or respond to questions or make any comments about financial results or forecasts. However, even during this period, a suitable announcement will be made in accordance with timely disclosure rules if Yaskawa determines that a change in the forecast has occurred that requires disclosure. Moreover, when the Yaskawa Group receives inquiries or holds or participates in closed meetings, etc., at any time other than during the quiet period, we make certain that we limit the content of replies or briefings to already released information and already known facts, and we thus ensure the proper management of insider information.