Information Security

Information Security Initiatives

The Yaskawa Group is improving its IT infrastructure to improve management efficiency and support business growth in order to realize “digital transformation”. In particular, we are working to strengthen information security from the viewpoint of minimizing the risk of business crises. In fact, based on the Information Security Management Regulations, we are working to strengthen information security and provide education and awareness.

We are also developing related regulations and business rules, defining confidential information on data received from business partners and internally processed data, and developing regulations and guidelines in accordance with business processes from creation, acquisition, and scope of disclosure to disposal.

As a measure to strengthen governance, in the current mid-term business plan “Challenge 25” we are also working toward the goal of “Improvement of evaluation scores for security measures”*1.
We are working to maintain and improve security by conducting systematic IT system audits.
*1 Measure evaluation scores for each IPA compliant security index

Information Security System

The information security system is managed by the Information Security Committee under the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and promotion officers are assigned to each business division and subsidiary to enhance information security system.

Status of Response to Data Breaches and Incidents

With the ongoing activities of the internal CSIRT organization, there have not been any serious data breaches or incidents that could affect company management. (As of February 2020) In addition, daily security measures protect against ransomware WannaCry, and targeted attack e-mails Emotet, preventing infection or business impact.

Training Employees on Risks and Responses Related to Data Security and Privacy

For the handling of information assets, including personal information, we have established the “company information management regulations” in order to eliminate risks and conduct business activities safely. This manual provides a code of conduct for officers and employees (including subcontractors) concerning information security. Based on this, the “company information management manual” is prepared and implemented.

We have also established the Information Systems Management Division and the SIRT Division under the CIO/CISO to strengthen security. The main measures taken against unauthorized access and cyber attacks include strengthening the security of file transactions with external parties (manager approval and automatic data encryption), internet isolation, internal system defense using security appliances, 24 hour monitoring using the Security Operations Center (SOC), and training for responding to targeted e-mail.

We also conduct an information security e-learning program once a year to raise awareness of information security among employees.

In addition, once a month, with the aim of improving information security awareness, internal reporting is made on the status of implementation of preventive measures against risks, occurrence of incidents, and response status.


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