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YASKAWA Electric Corporation (hereinafter called “YASKAWA”) is currently operating this website primarily to provide information to our customers. By accessing this website, visitors indicate their acknowledgement and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Visitors who do not agree to these terms and conditions should refrain from browsing, downloading, or otherwise using services available on this website.
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1. Disclaimer

  1. Yaskawa has carefully scrutinized the information posted on this website, but we will not accept liability in the following instances.
  2. If the information posted is not completely up-to-date, accurate, safe, or useful.
  3. If the server is terminated, information changes, and/or service is terminated or interrupted without prior notification, and any damage that may result from such actions.
  4. Any damage that may result from using the services on this website.
  5. Any damage that may result from accessing or using services at another website that is linked to this website.

2. Prohibited Conduct

Visitors are prohibited from doing the following when using this website.

  1. Infringing on the industrial property rights, copyrights, or other property rights of other customers, third parties, or Yaskawa.
  2. Libeling, defaming, or threatening other customers, third parties, or Yaskawa.
  3. Acting in a manner that is or may be harmful to profits or damaging to other customers, third parties, or Yaskawa.
  4. Acting in a manner that may harm the reputation of Yaskawa or this website.
  5. Using or providing harmful programs such as a computer virus, or acting in a manner that may lead to use or provision of harmful programs such as a computer virus.
  6. Acting in an illegal manner or in a manner that may violate laws and ordinances.

3. Information Contributed by Visitors

Visitors are asked to refrain from accepting confidential information through this website unless the information is specifically requested by Yaskawa. If a visitor happens to provide information to Yaskawa without expressly disclosing that it should be kept confidential, then we are under no obligation to keep that information confidential. Yaskawa is also under no obligation to use or assess that information.

4. Protection of intellectual property right

The copyrights on all information, including all documents, posted on this website are the property of Yaskawa or one of its subsidiaries. Copyright laws prohibit the reproduction of this information in any form without the prior written consent of Yaskawa. Yaskawa‘s trade names, registered trademarks, trademarks, and marks displayed on this website are protected by trademark and other laws. They cannot be used without our prior written consent.

5. Governing Laws and Jurisdictions

This website and its terms and conditions are subject to Japanese law. Any disputes arising from this website or its terms and conditions fall under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.


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