International Standards

The international standards that are based on Yaskawa’s initiative.

Standard No. Title Abstract Notes
IEC 61158-1~6 Industrial communication networks – Fieldbus specifications MECHATROLINK
IEC 61784-1,5 Industrial communication networks – Profiles MECHATROLINK was adopted as one of the IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 by the IEC in August, 2014.
IEC 62246-2 Reed contact units Established a new standard of IEC 62246-2 Ed.1 for heavy-duty reed switches of BestactTM in 2007. Replaced by IEC 62246-1 Ed.2.0
IEC 62246-1 Reed switches Revised the standard of IEC 62246-1 Ed.2 as generic specification for reed switches including BestactTM In 2011.