Management Message

We will lead the evolution of production in a data-driven society, such as the use of IoT and AI, and open up a new era by striving to become a company that can further contribute to “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.

 YASUKAWA Daigoro, the founder of our company, established “Yaskawa Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.” in Kurosaki, Kitakyushu in 1915. After the Meiji Restoration, his father, Keiichiro, built on his success in mining and selling coal, he worked to develop various modern industries in the region, such as spinning, steel manufacturing, railways, ceramics, and architecture. In 1909, he used his accumulated assets to establish the “Meiji College” which was the predecessor of the current “Kyushu Institute of Technology” and put effort into human resource development. His fifth son, Daigoro, was also ordered by his father to “create an industry for the country” and “Yaskawa Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.” was established.

 At the time of the establishment of the company, Daigoro put up the company motto of “being a company founded on technology” in order to conduct business with the company’s own technology, rather than imitating the leading Western technologies. This reflects the passion of 29 year-old Daigoro, and the company actually developed a wide variety of products such as switches and transformers in addition to various motors. At that time, our company’s corporate culture of managing the company with technology was established.

 However, since then, business management has suffered and has been in the red for 17 years. With the support of the founding family, the company was finally able to get management on track through production reforms such as the introduction of flow operation, and a policy of focusing our business scope on “motors and their applications” and concentrating management resources. To date, we have been engaged in a variety of businesses with “motors and their applications” as our main pillar.

 Although there have been many difficulties since our founding, we have become a company that is active on a global scale as a result of the wisdom of the people in each era and the bold challenges we have made without fear of failure. The six DNAs that our group has developed over the years — (1) being a company founded on technology, (2) pursuit of customer satisfaction, (3) quality oriented, (4) mechatronics, which is a forward-looking business concept, (5) policy management, and (6) glocal management — have become important corporate cultures that serve as the Company’s strengths today.

 Now society is beginning to change into a data-driven society. Collecting, linking, analyzing, and utilizing a large amount of data is becoming the basis of social development. Our company has set a vision of a new form of factory automation called i3-Mechatronics (i cube mechatronics). Based on the corporate culture we have cultivated thus far, we will lead the evolution of production in a data-driven society through the use of IoT and AI. We will also pursue ESG management in a balanced manner with the aim of becoming a company that can further contribute to “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. By doing so, we will further advance the implementation of our group’s management principle of “Contributing to the development of society and the welfare of mankind through business operations” and meet the expectations of our stakeholders for the realization of a sustainable society.

Chairman of the Board


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