ESG Data

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・As of FY 2017, Yaskawa changed its fiscal year-end from March 20 to the last day of February. FY 2017, the transitional period for the change of
 accounting period, is from March 21, 2017 to February 28, 2018.

Environmental Accounting

Environmental conservation costs (Investment)UnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Costs in business sitesAntipollution costMillion JPY0.
Global environmental conservation costMillion JPY84.6532.45196.5568.67103.80
Resource circulation costMillion JPY0.
Upstream / downstream costMillion JPY0.
Management activities costMillion JPY0.
Research and development costMillion JPY0.
Social activities costMillion JPY0.
Environmental damage restoration costMillion JPY0.
Total environmental conservation costs (Investment)Million JPY84.6532.45196.5568.67103.80
Environmental conservation costs (Expense)UnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Costs in business sitesAntipollution costMillion JPY5.596.236.506.096.15
Global environmental conservation costMillion JPY110.8067.4061.9354.5790.41
Resource circulation costMillion JPY99.5692.1884.5896.0589.49
Upstream / downstream costMillion JPY0.450.
Management activities costMillion JPY19.151.8720.581.791.82
Research and development costMillion JPY1,086.16771.021,093.07853.821,036.68
Social activities costMillion JPY0.
Environmental damage restoration costMillion JPY0.
Total environmental conservation costs (Expense)Million JPY1,321.80938.761,266.781,012.321,224.62
Effects of environmental conservationUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Environmental load from business activitiesAmount of CO2 emissions reduced in business sites *t-CO22,6062,5342,4012,1521,558
Eonomic effectsUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Intra-corporate economic effectsEnergy costMillion JPY109.8995.17107.0378.7058.06
Waste disposal costMillion JPY53.2971.92104.93113.9781.24

* For calculation of CO2 emissions from electric power, the emissions factors made public by electric power companies are used.
[Scope of data] Yaskawa Electric Corp. and Yaskawa Motor Corp.

Environmental Data (Non-consolidated)

Input energyElectric power10,000kWh4,0454,3454,2464,4084,150
City gas10,000㎥6158637368
Liquefied petroleum gast634789783870777
Heavy oil, light oil, kerosene, gasolinekl184254208204106
Steam and heatTJ1.161.521.421.521.42
Amount of greenhouse gas (SF6) handledt1.061.180.33
Amount of chemicals handled subject to the PRTR lawt41.027.824.939.348.8
WaterAmount used1,000㎥186192201216203
Amount used per unit of revenue1,000㎥/100 million JPY0.13
Paper resourcesAmount usedt113104969791
Greenhouse gas *1CO2 emissionsScope 1+2t-CO229,40329,08227,19928,09826,400
Scope 3t-CO226,29617,55828,538560,18713,679,960
SF6 emissions49.29.32.8
Air pollutantsNOx275341245484466
Water pollutantsBODt8.
Industrial waste and valuablesAmount of generationt4,9354,9324,7205,2604,673
Amount of final disposalt031097
Final disposal rate%
General waste, industrial waste and valuablesAmount of generationt6,1586,1505,9766,6005,887
Amount of final disposalt4040464845
Final disposal rate%0.650.650.780.730.76

*1 In calculating CO2 emissions from electricity, the actual emission factor published by electric power companies was used until FY 2018, and adjusted emission factor was used in FY 2019. Scope 3 is the sum of categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, and 12. (Category 1 is counted from FY 2018, and 4, 11, and 12 are counted from FY 2019.)
In order to improve the reliability of the calculated emissions, we have undergone third-party verification by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization.
[Scope of data] Yaskawa Electric Corp., group companies and partners within Yaskawa Electric business sites

Environmental Data (Consolidated)

Input energyElectric power10,000kWh7,1257,4268,0598,363
City gas10,000㎥819196136
Liquefied petroleum gast802802888788
Heavy oil, light oil, kerosene, gasolinekl2,1552,0092,1361,966
Steam and heatTJ8.979.4410.4211.20
WaterAmount used1,000㎥266284316295
Amount used per unit of revenue1,000㎥/100 million JPY0.07
Paper resourcesProduction and salest150155139145
Greenhouse gasCO2 emissionst-CO251,11251,30551,60954,47652,934
General waste, industrial waste and valuablesAmount of generationt3,0042,6752,8953,9863,627
Waste emissions per unit of revenueAmount of emission/Revenuet/100 million JPY0.730.680.650.840.88

[Scope of data] Yaskawa Electric Corp. (including partners within business sites) and major domestic and overseas group companies

Environmental Contribution

Green productsUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Contribution to CO2 emissions reduction through products (Cumulative since FY2016)10,000t-CO21234741,1712,185
Green processUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
CO2 emissions per unit of salest-CO2/100 million JPY12.4312.9911.5111.4812.88
Introduction of photovoltaic power generation (Cumulative since FY2016)kW8548541,5991,8821,988

[Scope of data] Yaskawa Electric (including partners within business sites) and major domestic and overseas group companies

Human Capital

Creating a rewarding workplaceUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Percentage of employees who feel rewaqrding to work% 78 78
Percentage of paid leave taken%7274678070
Average annual employee salaryJPY8,225,0548,220,0477,921,3508,611,7078,187,547
Retirement rate*1Total%
Promotion of diversityUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Consolidated employees by region *2JapanPersons7,9337,8657,8858,3037,823
Asia Persons3,2363,5053,9053,9013,735
The AmericasPersons1,6111,6021,6341,7161,615
Non-consolidated regular employeesMalePersons2,3712,3892,4262,4472,561
Ratio of female regular employees to total regular employees%1212121212
New hires of office personnelsMaleNumberPersons11121315
New hires of engineersMaleNumberPersons38384241
New hires of specialistsMaleNumberPersons1410710
Female percentage of those applying for employment%2020
Average length of employmentMaleYears18.218.218.518.718.8
Average age of employeesMaleAge41.141.341.641.842.1
Number of managersMalePersons602621630632617
Ratio of female managers%
Number of assistant managersMalePersons746749772787811
Ratio of female assistant managers%
Promotion rate to managersMale%
Average number of overtime hoursTotalHours/Month20.220.617.718.617.1
Ratio of employees who took parental leaveMale%
Ratio of employees who returned to work after childbirth/parental leaveMale%100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
Ratio of employees who took paternity leaveMale%
Number of employees taking nursing care leavePersons11212
Number of senior employees rehiredPersons229220178165168
Ratio of employees with disabilities%
Employment of foreign nationals in JapanPersons2227282822
Employment of temporary staff as regular employeePersons2430332710
Penetration rate among employees of human resource diversity*3%5360
Occupational health and safetyUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Frequency rate of work accidentsCases/Million hours0.
Human resource developmentUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Number of Y Wai Club*4 meetingsTimes1717181718
Number of participants in Y Wai ClubPersons11110911095106

*1 Excluding directors, executive officers, senior staffs, and contract employees.
*2 Including non-regular employees.[Scope of data] Yaskawa Group (Consolidated)
*3 Rate of positive responses to the question asking whether “a workplace culture that makes use of the strengths of diverse human resources is realized” in the ES questionnaire
*4 Direct dialogue with the management for human resource development
[Scope of data] Yaskawa Electric (Non-consolidated) unless otherwise specified

Social & Relationship Capital

Coexistence with the local communitiesUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Expenditures for social contribution activitiesMillion JPY342378493370478
Support for the development of next-generation engineeresUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Number of visitors to Yaskawa Innovation CenterTotalPersons28,22035,27732,88934,32931,253
Out of the above, student visitorsPersons5,6318,94210,53011,28210,168

[Scope of data] Yaskawa Electric (Non-consolidated)

Supply Chain Management

Local procurement rate at key business sitesUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Yaskawa Electric Corporation858487
Yaskawa America, Inc.848987
Yaskawa Electric UK Ltd.476568
Shanghai Yaskawa Drive Co. Ltd.799291
Yaskawa Electric (Shenyang) Co. Ltd.899696
Yaskawa (China) Robotics Co. Ltd.798486
Yaskawa India Pte. Ltd.191815


Composition of Board of Directors *1UnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Independent OutsideMalePersons33333
Composition of the Audit and Supervisory CommitteeUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Independent OutsideMalePersons33333
Compliance and risk managementUnitFY2015FY2016FY2017FY2018FY2019
Number of consultations and reports on the Compliance HotlineCases613225048
Awareness of the reporting system for compliance issues*2%33424573
Percentage of domestic offices that meet the Company’s own standards in the checklist for measures against major earthquakes, heavy rainfall, and river floods%78100

*1 Figures include Directors who are Audit and Supervisory Committee members
*2 Rate of positive responses to the question “How well do you know about compliance promoters in your workplace?” in the ES questionnaire.
[Scope of data] Yaskawa Electric (Non-consolidated)


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