Yaskawa technical history

It was Yaskawa Electric was the First to Put Forward the Concept “Mechatronics”.

“Mechatronics”, the concept merging “Mechanism” and “Electronics”
Yaskawa Electric Corporation led the world in putting forward the term “mechatronics”, now widely used around the world, in the late 1960s. This concept evolved when we combined our customers’ machinery with Yaskawa’s electronic products to create superior quality and function.
Nowadays, the mechatronics technology which improves performance by applying electronics to machine control is widely used for automation and efficiency improvement in various industries.

Technology of Yaskawa Electric

Yaskawa’s sophisticated technologies that had been built up over a long period of history have been embodied in the form of various products and are making great contributions to the society. Those technologies/products were established through steady efforts of our predecessors though the process up to the present day was not an easy one.

The Birth of DC Servo Motor

The Development of Vector Control Drive

The Birth of “Control Pack Series”

The Birth of MOTOMAN


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