Privacy Policy

YASKAWA Electric Corporation Personal Information Protection Policy

Ⅰ.Privacy Policy

Yaskawa Electric collects and uses personal information involving customers, business partners and employees for the purpose of conducting business operations. Properly protecting this personal information is one of our most important obligations. To fulfill this obligation, we handle personal information in accordance with the following policies.

  1. We comply with laws and other regulations concerning the protection of personal information. In addition, we handle personal information in accordance with practices that are generally recognized as fair and proper. We also work on improving our handling of personal information.
  2. We establish clearly defined rules for the handling of personal information and ensure that employees fully understand these rules. We also require business partners to handle personal information properly.
  3. When collecting personal information, we provide notices or public announcements concerning how the information will be used. Personal information is then used in accordance with the stated purpose.
  4. We properly manage personal information by using measures required to prevent leaks, losses, unauthorized alterations and other problems.
  5. We will respond in good faith when we receive through a prescribed channel a request from an individual (or his or her representative) to disclose, correct, delete or stop using that individual’s personal information.

Ⅱ.Information Provided in Accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law

  1. Purposes of use
    Yaskawa Electric collects personal information that is needed to conduct business operations in order to provide the company’s products and services. When collecting this information, we state the purpose of using that information each time an individual is asked to supply information either in writing or electronically. For personal information that is collected using another method, this information is used solely as required to achieve the goals listed in item 2 with respect to the businesses listed in item 1.
    1. Business activities of Yaskawa Electric
      1. Manufacture and sale of electrical machinery, devices and systems
      2. Manufacture and sale of industrial machinery, measuring instruments, medical equipment and other machinery and equipment, and of other machinery, equipment and systems
      3. Construction services
      4. Information processing services, information provision services, and production and sale of software
      5. Truck cargo transportation, cargo handling services, and warehousing
      6. Real estate transactions, leasing, management and brokerage services
      7. Advertising agent, property and casualty insurance agent and life insurance agent
      8. Restaurant operations
      9. Management consulting
      10. Temporary staffing service
      11. Security services
      12. Money lending
      13. Fee-based employment service
      14. All operations associated with the above items
    2. Purposes for using personal information
      Purposes for using personal information provided by customers and business partners
      1. For the supply or maintenance of a product or service (“products, etc.” hereafter) handled by Yaskawa Electric, an affiliated company or an alliance partner that a customer has purchased or applied for
      2. For the provision of information concerning the sale, installation, use or other items concerning products, etc.
      3. For the management of contracts concerning the provision of products, etc. and other business activities
      4. For the provision of information about marketing campaigns, exhibitions and other events concerning products, etc. and to conduct these events
      5. For the provision and delivery of catalogs, CD-ROMs and other information concerning products, etc., samples and other items
      6. For surveys concerning products, etc. and the analysis survey results
      7. For the provision of services to registered members
      8. For surveys and the analysis of survey results
      9. For business discussions, other meetings and communications
      10. For the control of access to Yaskawa Electric facilities

        Purposes for using personal information provided by shareholders

      11. For the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations prescribed by law
      12. For the preparation of data, collection of data and statistical calculations using this data as prescribed by law
      13. For measures to explain our operations to shareholders and maintain sound relationships with shareholders
      14. For the management of shareholders

        Purposes for using personal information provided by job applicants

      15. For giving job applicants recruiting information
      16. For conducting the selection process
      17. For managing our recruiting operations

        Purpose for using personal information provided by others

      18. For requiring to comply with any provisions in any appricable laws and regulations or following any governmental notification and/or guidelines,etc.

      Personal information will be used for purposes other than those listed above only after receiving the consent of each individual involved.

  2. Outsourcing
    Yaskawa Electric outsources all or part of certain tasks in order to conduct business operations efficiently. We provide outsourcing with personal information as required and properly supervise outsourcing companies that have received personal information.
  3. Joint use of personal information
    In association with the items listed in the “A. Purposes of use” section, we may share personal information such as names, addresses, employers, pictures, lists of products and services purchased, and other items with other Yaskawa Electric Group companies, joint research partners, sales agents or other companies. We retain responsibility for managing personal information when this information is used jointly in this manner.
  4. Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
    Yaskawa Electric will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except outsourcing partners as described in “B. Outsourcing,” joint use as described in “C. Joint use of personal information,” and any of the following cases.
    1. When an individual has agreed to the disclosure or provision of his or her personal information
    2. When information is in the form of statistics, etc. that makes it impossible to identify specific individuals
    3. When disclosure or provision is required by law
    4. When disclosure or provision is needed to protect the life, physical well-being or assets of an individual and it is impossible to receive the individual’s consent
  5. Disclosure
    When an individual asks for the disclosure of his or her own personal information that is held by Yaskawa Electric, we will respond within a reasonable time after confirming the identity of the individual who submitted the request (or the agent of that individual).
  6. Corrections, deletions, etc.
    When an individual asks for corrections or additions to his or her own personal information that is held by Yaskawa Electric or the deletion of that information, we will first confirm the identity of the individual who submitted the request (or the agent of that individual). Then, if there is an error in the personal information, we will make a correction or addition within a reasonable time and scope or delete the information.
  7. Termination of use or removal of information
    When an individual asks for Yaskawa Electric to stop using his or her personal information or to remove this information, we will perform the requested action within a reasonable time after confirming the identity of the individual who submitted the request (or the agent of that individual).
    Individuals should be aware that they may no longer be able to receive the services they require if we stop using or remove all of part of their personal information. (We may not respond to requests to stop using or remove personal information in cases where this information is held in accordance with laws or regulations.)
  8. How to submit requests concerning personal information
    Please submit requests for actions listed in items E, F and G above concerning personal information held by Yaskawa Electric as follows.
    《Application method》
    Download the application for disclosure, etc. of personal information by clicking on the link in item 1 below. Complete the form and send the form by postal mail to the address in item 4 with an identity confirmation document listed in item 2 and the fee listed in item 3.
    1. Application for disclosure, etc. of personal information
    2. Identity confirmation documents (select one)
      • ・Copy of driver’s license
      • ・Copy of passport
      • ・Copy of resident registration card with photo
      • ・Copy of any health insurance card or certificate of residence (juminhyo)

      Note: If the request is submitted by a statutory or privately appointed agent, all of the following documents are also required.

      1. Privately appointed agent
        • ・Authorization form
          (with registered personal seal)
        • ・Registration of personal seal on authorization form
        • ・Document confirming the identity of the agent
          (one of the identity confirmation documents listed above)
      2. Statutory agent
        • ・Document showing the legal right to act as an agent for a minor or adult ward under guardianship
        • ・Document confirming the identity of the legal agent
          (one of the identity confirmation documents listed above)
    3. 800 yen fee paid by money order
      (only for requests for disclosure of personal information or notification of purpose of use of personal information)
    4. Send to:
      YASKAWA Electric Corporation
      Legal Group
      Human Resources and General Affairs Division
      2-1 Kurosaki-Shiroishi, Yahatanishi-ku
      Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, 806-0004
  9. Contact information for other inquiries concerning personal information
    Please contact us as follows for any complaints and questions concerning personal information.

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