Management Principles and Corporate Activity Standards

Yaskawa Electric will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation in 2015. We are grateful to all those who have provided support over the years, including customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors, the local community, employees, and many others. The present-day idea of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is inherent in our corporate DNA, as our management philosophy advocates our company’s mission is to contribute to the progress of society and the welfare of mankind through business performance. We aspire to become a corporation with global competitiveness and a brand that meets the expectations of various stakeholders on a long-term perspective by providing solutions suited to the changes of society and the industrial structure.

Management Principles

Our company’s mission is to contribute to the evolution of society and the welfare of mankind through the performance of its business.
In order to achieve this mission, we particularly affirm the following three principles and will endeavor to realize them.

  1. To emphasize the importance of quality of products and constantly develop and improve technologies in which we can take pride throughout the world.
  2. To improve the efficiency of operation and secure profits necessary for the survival and continued growth of the company.
  3. To endeavor to keep a market-oriented attitude, to meet the needs of the market and do our utmost to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Yaskawa Group Corporate Activity Standards

Because our Management Principles require that we contribute to the development of society and the welfare of mankind through our business performance, as well as seek to build a solid and trustful relationship with society by fully recognizing corporate citizenship and operating a conscientious and fair business, we, the members of the Yaskawa Group, respect human rights and conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner as we work to build a sustainable society, observing both the spirit and the letter of all laws and international rules applying to our activities in Japan and abroad in accordance with the following ten principles.

  1. We, by the development and provision of socially beneficial products and services in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, shall contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and to economic and social development, taking all necessary measures to protect personal data and customer information.
  2. We shall work to protect the environment proactively with a broad perspective in our overall business activities.
  3. We shall engage in communication not only with shareholders, but also with members of society at large, including active and fair disclosure of corporate information, making every effort to prevent insider trading.
  4. As “a good corporate citizen,” we shall actively engage in philanthropic activities, and other activities of social benefit.
  5. We shall respect diversity, individuality and differences of the employees, to secure safe and comfortable workplaces, and to ensure the mental and physical well-being of the employees.
  6. We shall observe laws and regulations applying to our overseas activities, respect the local culture and customs, and strive to manage our overseas activities in such a way as to promote and contribute to the development of local communities.
  7. We shall operate businesses based on fair, transparent, and free competition and sound trade, which strictly observe all laws and never violate social norms.
  8. We shall reject all contacts with organizations involved in activities in violation of the law or accepted standards of responsible social behavior.
  9. Top management shall assume the responsibility for realizing the spirit of these standards and for taking the initiative in all necessary actions to raise awareness in the group, inform its business partners of this responsibility, establish effective internal systems and ensure thoroughgoing corporate ethics.
  10. In the case of incidents contrary to the principles of these standards, top management must work to solve the problems caused by these incidents, investigate the cause for the incident, and develop reforms to prevent recurrence. After the prompt public disclosure of information regarding the incident, responsibility for the event and its effects should be clarified and disciplinary action should be taken, including the highest levels of management where necessary.

Note: On the establishment of the Yaskawa Group Corporate Activity Standards
In 1997, Yaskawa Electric composed the Yaskawa Electric Corporate Activity Standards, which declared our intention to manage our business based on legal and ethical compliance as a member of society. Subsequently, as we realized the need for establishing a compliance program, we made a number of revisions to the standards in order to increase awareness and furthermore took initiatives to improve compliance.
The community and the outside world in recent years increasingly view and judge enterprises in terms of their entire corporate groups, and for its part, Yaskawa Electric has espoused consolidated group management and global expansion.
To meet the needs of these new times, we have redesigned the Corporate Activity Standards. Since March 21, 2010, these standards no longer apply just to the parent company Yaskawa Electric, but to our entire Group, including subsidiaries in Japan and abroad.