Relations with Employees

In order to bring out the full potential of the diverse human resources, we are furnishing pleasant working environments where people can work with a sense of security.

Creating a Workplace that is Worth Working For

Workstyle Reform

At present, Yaskawa initiates workstyle reform in aiming to achieve Vision 2025, the long-term business plan. Under the basic concept to create a company worth working for from the perspective of employment patterns (time management), work productivity, and treatment (evaluation/remuneration), this reform is underway with the major pillars; a reform in the personnel system that focuses on a revision of the evaluation system, and a reform in the working hour management system that responds to the social landscape such as the Act on the Arrangement of Related Act to Promote Work Style Reform, etc.

Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire

Since FY2016, an employee satisfaction questionnaire survey has been conducted each month on all regular employees of Yaskawa Electric. As well as measuring understanding and penetration of management measures, the sense of tightness in the workplace, and satisfaction levels on the personnel system through the questionnaire, it is also aimed at resolving various issues faced by employees and generating a corporate culture where management and all employees are unified in looking toward the achievement of Vision 2025, our long-term business plan, and our mid-term business objectives.
The questionnaire response rate exceeds 90 percent each month, and various opinions and requests are being received. Efforts are being made to disclose analyses of the survey results and to provide feedback on all opinions and requests.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

A Yaskawa stock ownership plan is held as part of the company’s benefit package. This is a system for employees of Yaskawa Electric and its affiliated companies where incentives can be added to funds as allotments for the purchase of stocks.

Human Resources Development

The basic policy of the company is to offer venues for employees to make challenges and to develop through communication to encourage growing and fostering to nurture individuals who have the passion to contribute to global business.

Early-Stage Development of Young Resources

Yaskawa Electric is pushing forward its human resources development envisioning as its desired image of a young employee (less than five years with the company) a person who thinks logically and communicates appropriately to the other party. Also, in order to have new employees in technical area learn a certain level of technical knowledge (scope and depth), we have been holding Yaskawa Freshers Technical School (YFTS) since FY2017. Through these measures, Yaskawa is conducting initiatives so each individual will be able to perform to their fullest ability in business situations.


Opening ceremony of Yaskawa Freshers Technical School

Interactive Gatherings with Management

Yaskawa is making company-wide efforts to promote a unique style of individual development with emphasis on direct dialogue (interactive gatherings) with management. The company president took the reins for promoting the development of Yaskawa employees and is making efforts to improve human resources development while expanding the circle of communication with employees and embracing the motto to develop individuals who will take on the future of Yaskawa Electric as it evolves. Through interactive dialogue, the company is improving the motivation among participants and strengthening the development of people who make challenges.

Passion of President Ogasawara

Nurturing individuals who can change any situation into an opportunity and perform to his or her fullest abilities!
Creating Yaskawa that is true to its style of evolving while continuing to contribute to customer value!
Making a Yaskawa Group that is rich with diversity and can communicate effectively with society!

At an interactive gathering

Initiatives Aimed at Sound Labor Relations

Yaskawa’s labor union began as the Yaskawa Electric Manufacturing employees’ union on December 25, 1945 and later changed its name to Yaskawa Workers Union, which is currently under the Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union (“JEIU”).
The number of union members, including associated companies, stands at 2,864 as of March 1, 2019 and there is no labor union organized for part-timers or contract employees. Yaskawa also organizes Yaskawa Group Union, comprising Yaskawa Workers Union, Yaskawa Engineering Workers Union, Yaskawa Automation & Drives Workers Union, and Food & Agri Mechatro Solutions Workers Union under JEIU.
In order to conduct smooth operations based on its administration rights with understanding and trust from the union, the company holds a joint management council for the company president, managements and workers union officials once every half-year to discuss business and labor issues, as well as a regular monthly meeting to share and discuss business situations and other topics. A labor-management committee is also held to improve working conditions and treatment of union members.

Labor-Management engagement

Initiatives to Improve Industrial Safety and Health

Based on the concepts of its industrial safety and health, Yaskawa initiates creation of standard manuals for safe work at each workplace, training & education and risk assessment, along with disaster preventing activities for daily works. Internal audits are also conducted to check if these activities are relevant to both of its health and safety policies and the achievement of the objectives followed by improvement activities, which results in remaining below industry average for its incidence rate for work accidents.
Yaskawa also established a 10-year plan for mental and physical health in 2016, actively initiating health promoting activities together with its employees, supervisors, health and safety managers in each locations, and industrial healthcare workers.

  • *Frequency rate: Indicates the frequency of occurrence of accidents by the number of
    casualties due to industrial accidents per one million gross hours of actual work.
    Calculation method: (Number of casualties due to industrial accidents/gross hours of
    actual work) × 1,000,000
  • patrol
    Health and safety patrol

Health Support for Employees

Yaskawa provides various kinds of medical examination, with full consideration for relevant laws and regulations as well as the characteristics of each test, to realize organic and effective health support, which include learning workplace environment and selecting examinees as well as conducting tests and follow-up measures. It also offers healthcare guidance and education along with prevention of illness in the course of employment, focusing on assisting employees with their daily and/or working matters.

Steps for Mental Health

Yaskawa positions psychiatric illnesses and disabilities as diseases that can happen to anyone, just like other diseases, and offers support to their daily and/or working life as necessary.
As part of its measures against psychological stress, which can have various effects on an employees’ health and their daily life, a stress check system is introduced to feedback employees as well as their workplace based on the results.

Support for People on Sick Leave to Return to the Workplace

When employees return to their workplace after taking long leave due to inevitable sickness or injuries, we prepare the maximum possible physical support structure and physical environment to support them in collaboration with the individuals, as well as their superiors, the administration department, and the industrial doctor.

Work-Life Management

In line with changes in the state of the economy and the way of society, it is indispensable for the medium- to long-term growth of a company to have each and every one of its diverse employees perform up to their maximum capacities. For that purpose as well, Yaskawa aims to make workstyles lively and productive, manage work-life balance, and create a workplace environment where people can work with a sense of security.

Improvement in Childcare and Family Care Support System

Platinum Kurumin Certification

In FY2017, Yaskawa introduced a system where employees can obtain accumulated holidays by units of hours, and it has also introduced a work-at-home system and a leave system due to overseas transfers of spouses. It has increased choices for workstyles and supports a balance between childcare, family care, and work.
With regard to childcare in particular, we received the “Platinum Kurumin Certification” from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in fiscal 2018 in recognition of the introduction of a support system for balancing work and family life and the increasing use of employees.

Initiatives to Promote Employees to Take Annual Leave

As one of its initiatives to create itself a company that is worth working for, initiatives between business and labor is underway to promote employees to take annual leaves of 15 days. To be specific, five-consecutive-day leave is recommended and many employees use this system. The purpose of this initiative is not only to promote improvements in worklife management by having people take leave; it also aims to have each and every one of its employees be aware of work efficiency to improve the workplace environment by eliminating “unreasonableness,” and “waste.”

The voluntary retirement ratio has been transitioning around one percent in the past five years by creating a workplace environment where people can work with a sense of security with these measures.


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