Organizational/Individual Capabilities for 2025

Organizational/Individual Capabilities for 2025

Develop Organizational Capabilities

Stronger Global HQ Function

  • ・Stronger ability to lead the company
  • ・Stronger ability to create group synergies
  • ・Stronger ability to support each group member

Better Area Management

  • ・Strengthening of regional R&D, manufacturing and sales capabilities
  • ・Regionally integrated and unified Human Resource management
  • ・Completion of management “localization”

Diversity Promotion

  • ・Create a culture that can utilize strengths of a diverse workforce

Develop Individual Capabilities

Strategic Global HR

  • ・Strategically develop next generation leaders
  • ・Early identification and development of global key talent
  • ・Promotion of cross-function, cross-border projects

Attractive Work Environment

  • ・Transformation of way of working to ensure work-life balance
  • ・Guarantee fair recognition of challenges and accomplishments
  • ・Fast-track promotion of passionate young workers

Promotion to Coexist with Local Communities


From the “Robot Village” to the World!

  • ・Establish “Robot Village” as a place for demos and experiments
  • ・Collaborate with universities and colleges in the field of research, development and education related to robots
  • ・Hold robot workshops in YASKAWA Innovation Center
⇒With robotics as the keyword, the aim is to create an innovative idea-generating site, through the buildup of industry-academia-government collaboration.


Create an Inclusive & Creative Environment for People with Disabilities

Collaboration with employment facilities for the disabled people

・Provide a working environment for disabled persons to develop and manufacture equipment for disable persons by themselves (e.g. ReWalk), while using such equipment on-site.