Yaskawa’s Strengths

The six DNAs (corporate culture) that have been cultivated over a history of more than 100 years have been strengthened through the succession of practices of Yaskawa principles, and they form the current strengths of the Yaskawa Group.

The six DNAs as corporate culture

DNA1.Technology-driven DNA2.Customer and application focus DNA3.Quality first DNA4.Mechatronics DNA5.Policy-based management DNA6.Grobal

Our Unique Strengths

Development focused on the world’s first and best technologies

Since its establishment, the company has focused on “electric motors and their applications” and has produced many of the world’s first and world’s best technologies and products. Yaskawa’s technologies and products lead to industrial innovation and contribute to the development of society.

World's first Transistor AC drive World's first Multiple robot cooperative control
World's first Matrix converter
Varispeed AC World's first GaN power semiconductor equipped
Servo motor with built-in amplifier

Ability to transform

In 1969, Yaskawa pioneered the concept of “mechatronics,” and the following year, in 1970, it envisioned “Unmanned Factory,” an automated factory that humans and machines work together by using mechatronics. In the 1970s, when Japanese manufacturing shifted from the material industry to the assembly industry, the concept of “mechatronics” from the Yaskawa Group became the driving force behind the Third Industrial Revolution. Then, in 2018, the Yaskawa Solution Factory was established, which embodied unmanned factory envisioned for a long time. As a demonstration factory for i3-Mechatronics, it is leading the transformation of manufacturing and business. Based on the concept of i3-Mechatronics, the Yaskawa Group will lead the evolution of production in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which aims to achieve optimal production systems in a data-driven society.

Production line in Yaskawa Solution Factory
Production line in Yaskawa Solution Factory
Diagram of Unmanned Factory
Diagram of “Unmanned Factory”

Customers’ trust

Since the 1930s, when we established a policy of not only manufacturing and selling motors, but also learning how they are used by customers and providing optimal systems, we have maintained a stance of being close to our customers. Even today, based on our policy of continuing to provide high value-added and high-quality products that realize the benefits of improvement and evolution that customers demand, we promote our business with a strong relationship with our customers.

Customers’ trust

Strong presence in global markets

We have been involved in the export of products since the early days of our founding, following the spirit of our founder, who had a wish to contribute to the nation by exporting domestically produced motors overseas. Since the 1990s, we have been localizing our business and building our own sales network and production system in demand areas, and we have a top-level global market share in our core products.

■Market share(company estimate)
Market share (company estimate)


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