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New Mid-term Plan “Realize 100”

IRApr 18, 2013

 YASKAWA Electric Corporation (Chairman and President Junji Tsuda; Head office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan; “Yaskawa”) has started implementing a new mid-term plan for the period from 2013 to 2015, “Realize 100”. It represents the final stage of Yaskawa’s progress towards the realization of its “Vision 2015” as it approaches the centennial of the company’s founding.


1.Role and objectives of the mid-term plan

 During the previous mid-term plan “Challenge 100” period Yaskawa has made preparations to develop new markets in the Robotics Human Assist and Environment & Energy new business domains, expanded global operations by improving responsiveness in regional markets, and implemented growth strategies to reduce its dependence on market growth in the Mechatronics Solutions core business domain.


 As the new mid-term plan represents the final stage, in other words the realization phase, of Yaskawa’s long-term plan to achieve the goals set in the “Vision 2015”, the name “Realize 100” was adopted.
 In order to realize these goals, Yaskawa will reap the benefits of the long-term strategies implemented during the “Challenge 100” period during the three years of “Realize 100”, and by further evolving these it will build a high-profit company structure (operating income above 10%) – a milestone to becoming a true global company.


2.Financial goals



 Note: Exchange rate assumptions for 2013 – 2015: 1 USD = 90 JPY, 1 EUR = 120 JPY


3.Main policies and action plans


A) Main policies and objectives



B) Action plans


a  Realize an evolution in business performance and efficiency
・ Continuously evolve development, manufacturing and sales capabilities
・ Efficiently implement Yaskawa’s strengths worldwide
・ Optimize group management and shift resources to new business


b  Realize glocal management
(Glocal management stands for a management style defined by both a global management mindset and best local support capabilities anywhere in the world)
・ Develop and implement optimized strategies for each region, market and customer segment
・ Create structures to rapidly respond to market needs in each region
・ Utilize open innovation


c  Realize the transformation of new business into core business
・ Core business transformation of Environment & Energy business domain
・ Develop multiple business opportunities in the Robotics Human Assist business domain
・ Strengthen the new business development process and spare no effort to identify business chances


d  Support Business with Strategic HR Development
・ Create structure to further worldwide human resource glocalization
・ Create system to support motivation and vitalization of human resources


 More details concerning the mid-term plan can be found in the separate document “Mid-term plan 2013 – 2015 ‘Realize 100’”.


For further information please contact:
Corporate Communication Group
Tokyo Administration Div.
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