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New Long-Term Business Plan “Vision 2025”

IRApr 24, 2015

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Representative Director, Chairman and President Junji Tsuda; “Yaskawa”) has formulated a new long-term business plan for the period from FY2016 to FY2025, “Vision 2025”, following the previous plan, “Vision 2015”, set for the centennial of the company’s founding.

1. Aim of Vision 2025

We are expecting dramatic changes to managerial environment surrounding our company group. This includes serious environmental issues triggered by increase in global population and its structural change resulting in the increase in energy consumption, as well as rapid advancement in ICT initiating a radical change in manufacturing.

We will take these changes as an opportunity and aim to provide a new value to society in “Vision 2025”. In order to achieve this goal, we will create new products/services through combination of advancement in Yaskawa’s core technologies and open innovation, while maintaining and developing the direction of “Vision 2015”.

Together, we intend to strengthen organizational and individual capabilities to achieve “glocal” management*, as well as actively promoting coexistence with local communities through activities unique to each global region.


*Glocal management: A management style defined by both a global management mindset and best local support capabilities anywhere in the world

2. Financial Goals


3. Our Goals / Business Domain / Strategies


◆Respect Life

We aim to contribute to improving quality of life and building a sustainable society with technologies accumulated over the past century


◆Empower Innovation

We venture into new technologies/ domains/targets to bring ”Waku-Waku”* excitement to people

* ”Waku-Waku”: Onomatopoeia used in Japanese language to express someone’s feeling of enthusiasm


◆Deliver Result

We promise to deliver assured results to stakeholders, while continuously enhancing business execution capabilities



(2)Business Domains 

◆ Mechatronics

Achieve revolutionary industrial automation, through combination of world’s leading edge technologies and open innovation


◆ Clean Power

Provide safe and secure living in a sustainable society


◆ Humatronics*

Create a society where people’s capabilities are maximized, through the application of mechatronics technologies to medical/welfare segment

*Humatronics: Term coined to denote a cross of Human and Mechatronics


(3) Management Strategies

1. Pursue World No.1 in Core Business

・Pursue and achieve global No.1 share in motion control and robotics segments


2. Deliver Revolutionary Industrial Automation

・Combine world’s leading edge mechatronics and ICT technology in order to provide a brand new solution to automation


3. Establish Energy Creation/Storage/Application Business

・While globally expanding the renewable energy business, electrical drivetrain business will be developed in order to establish a new core business domain


4. Challenge in Medical/Welfare Market

・Reinforce human capabilities and develop devices that will raise people’s quality of life, creating opportunities to enter new markets


5. Achieve Glocal Management

・Strengthen organizational and individual capabilities through stronger global HQ function and regional management, diversity promotion, global key talent development, and attractive working environment

・Promote activities to coexist with local communities through utilizing “Robot Village”, industry-academia-government collaboration, and creation of inclusive and creative environment for people with disabilities


More details concerning the long-term business plan can be found in the separate document “Long-term business plan FY2016 – FY2025 ‘Vision 2025’”


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