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Yaskawa Demonstrates Adaptive Robot at NVIDIA GTC AI Conference

EventMar 19, 2024

Yaskawa Electric Corporation is pleased to announce that it will demonstrate its new adaptive robot, MOTOMAN NEXT at NVIDIA GTC (AI Conference and Expo held March 18-21, 2024 in San Jose, USA). The demonstration shows smart grocery bagging with the capability of using new AI technology to solve social challenges like shortage of workforce. Yaskawa will take MOTOMAN NEXT into new industries which have been difficult to automate, and will leverage the advanced AI capabilities of the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform, including the new Isaac Manipulator that NVIDIA announced during GTC.


MOTOMAN NEXT, which has been on sale since December 2023, is one of the first commercial industrial robots equipped with NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing in the market. This brand-new model is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform and Wind River Linux OS, giving it the advanced capabilities of motion and judgment. This allows it to handle challenging tasks in unstructured environments, driving automation into new application areas that were previously difficult to automate because they require human-level perception and judgment capabilities.


In association with the demonstration, Masahiro Ogawa, President of Yaskawa Electric Corporation, will give a speech entitled “Next Phase of Industrial Robot Skills with AI” at NVIDIA GTC, one of the world’s premier AI conferences, on Tuesday, March 19, at 10:00 AM PDT.


News Release on MOTOMAN NEXT


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