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– Integrated Solution of i³-Mechatronics –
Yaskawa Rolls Out a New Software Solution that Integrates Machine Controllers and Robot Controllers

NewsSep 19, 2018

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (head office: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) roll out a new software solution that integrates machine controllers and robot controllers. The company has been providing digital solutions with its new solution concept “i3-Mechatronics” to “realize a new industrial automation revolution”, set in its long-term business plan “Vision 2025”. The new solution will enable manufactures to access robot controller by machine controller program when servo drives and industrial robots are introduced together.

It supports machine controller MP3000 series (MP3200 and MP3300) as well as servo pack “Σ-7C with built-in controller.”

1. Key Features

1) Controlling robots by functions that support communication protocol

The solution controls robots by executing a function which supports communication protocol of MotomanSync I/F* under ladder program in machine controllers. Thus, it doesn’t require programing language commanded by robot controllers, and contributes to responsive system by repeating communication of only required sent/received data from each robot.

*An interface feature that control robots from a host computer.


2) Robots run smoothly with movement function

Yaskawa provides necessary functions to control robots as one of its standard function for Machine Controller MP3000 series. It executes a command of movement consecutively, and connects position to position smoothly. Additionally, it enables to build a simplified teaching pendant feature from touch panels etc. connected to machine controller using JOG function.


Image of Robot Control

2. Ratings / Specifications



via Ethernet


via High speed bus

Robot Controllers YRC1000micro, YRC1000 RM100
The capacity to connect with robot controllers MAX 3 units
The capability to install manipulators MAX 6 units
(3 units of robot controller x 2 units of manipulators =6 units)
Object machine controllers MP3200, MP3300, Σ-7C MP3300
Corresponding communication feature 218IFD built-in MP3000 High speed bus communication
Communication protocol Modbus/TCP FC=67H (vendor specific)
MotomanSync I/F
MotomanSync I/F
Communication system Command/Response system
Data updating cycle Min. 10.0ms
∗In case that scan time is longer than the minimum time, it depends on scan time.
Min. 2.0ms
∗In case that scan time is longer than the minimum time, it depends on scan time.
Setting SVK functional module
(Ethernet communication connection setting)
SVK functional module
RM100 module
Method to command robots Robots control functions

∗ Ethernet is a trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

3.Support Versions

Machine controller / tool Compliant version Remarks
MP3200/CPU-201 Ver1.42 or later
MP3200/CPU-202 Ver1.42 or later
MP3300/CPU-301 Ver1.42 or later
MP3300/CPU-302 Ver1.42 or later

Use software Ver1.44 and later / hardware Rev.A02 and later when you connect to RM100 (high speed bus)

Σ-7C Ver107 or later
MPE720Ver7 Ver7.45 or later


Robot Controller Support Version
YRC1000 YAS1.32.00A(–)-00 and later
YRC1000micro YBS1.04.00A(–)-00 and later

4. Rolling out schedule

It is available from August 31, 2018 in Japan. For other region, please contact regional sales office.


Press contact:

Corporate Communications Div.

Yaskawa Electric Corporation



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