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YASKAWA Enters Wind Power Generation Market with Launch of the Enewin Series of Electrical Products for Large-scale Wind-power Generation
– Release of the first product of the Enewin series, an AC-AC power converter for large-scale wind-power generation –

NewsMay 20, 2010

Methods to tap renewable energy sources are attracting much attention worldwide as a way to reduce CO2 emissions. Interest is particularly high in large-scale wind-power generation: it accounted for more than 10% of all new power generation facilities worldwide in 2009. These wind generators require electrical components with the performance and structures needed for highly efficient power generation.

To meet this need, YASKAWA Electric Corporation (President: Junji Tsuda) has utilized its expertise in drive and power generation technologies to launch the Enewin series of electrical products for large-scale wind-power generation. The first product in this series is an AC-AC power converter for the control of electricity produced by wind-power generators. Sales began in May 2010. YASKAWA Electric will continue to develop electrical products with the goal of meeting customers’ needs by introducing generators and many other components used for wind-power generation.


                  The logo of the Enewin series

Release of a New AC-AC Converter for Large-scale Wind-power Generation
YASKAWA Electric has started selling worldwide an AC-AC power converter for large-scale wind-power generation that incorporates the company’s exclusive medium-voltage matrix converter technology. This new product has the performance, structure, environmental resistance and other characteristics needed to meet the requirements that are unique to large-scale wind-power generation. Features include:
– Improved quality of electricity (high conversion efficiency)
– Compact design (smaller installation area for the converter board)
– Low maintenance


In 2005, YASKAWA Electric became the first company in the world to commercialize a medium -voltage matrix converter with a power regeneration function by using a matrix converter circuit for the conversion of electricity directly from AC to AC. The new Enewin converter is a version of this AC-AC converter that has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of wind-power generation.


1) Sales plan for the AC-AC power converter for large-scale wind-power generation


a. Start of sales: May 2010
  Start of deliveries: August 2010


b. Product series


*Please contact YASKAWA Electric for information about other voltages and output capacities.


2) Sales plan
Fiscal year ending in March 2012: 2.5 billion yen
Fiscal year ending in March 2016: 15.0 billion yen


YASKAWA Electric plans to expand the Enewin series by introducing generators and other types of control systems.


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