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Data Detection Features for the MP3000 Machine Controller and the Sigma-7 Servo Drive Has Been Upgraded
For realizing the new solution concept “i³-Mechatronics”

TechnologyDec 17, 2018

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (head office: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) makes efforts to provide digital data solutions while proposing concept of i3-Mechatronics to achieve revolutionary industrial automation as proclaimed in its long term business plan, Vision 2025 . As a part of strengthening the “integrated” aspect of i3-Mechatronics, the company has updated the software version of the “MP3000 series” machine controller as well as the “Σ-7 series” AC servo drives, the key products in its motion control business, to upgrade their data detection features. The update enables them to monitor larger amounts and wider varieties of data in details.

1. Key Features

Promoting IoT environment at the manufacturing site often makes it easier to understand the operation status as well as identify the cause of abnormalities by improving the volume along with the type of big data to be detected from equipment and devices. Yaskawa has already released the “YASKAWA Cockpit” software tool that collect, visualize, accumulate and analyze data comprehensively. By linking this tool and host systems at customers’ end with these upgraded software products, it will be possible to make a right decisions based on greater amounts of data to contribute to the preventive maintenance and the detection of abnormalities of devices, helping customers maintain their product quality.


1) Machine Controller “MP3000 Series”

Data logging features have been reinforced:

Expanded number of logged data

 The maximum capacity of 64 points x four groups has been expanded to a maximum of     256 points x four groups.

Added μs (microsecond, or one millionth of a second) timestamps for logs

  In addition to the current timestamps by the second, timestamps by microseconds is added.

2) “Σ-7 Series” AC Servo Drives

Yaskawa had expanded the monitoring capacity for data by offering sensing data such as vibrations, disturbance, positioning, transmission quality, and temperatures obtained from AC servo drives. By using servo drives in themselves as sensors, it will be possible to collect data on the device changes due to aging as well as the operation environment in real time.

2. Applicable models

3. Availability of Software Version Updates

Available from December 11, 2018

4. Initiatives at Yaskawa

At Yaskawa Solution Factory, which began full-fledged operations in December 2018, the factory is making efforts to realize practical use of detected data in preventive maintenance of devices as well as quality control of products by linking them to YASKAWA Cockpit.


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