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Yaskawa Develops a Physical Therapy Robot for the Lower Extremities
– A Physical Therapy Device for Our Times –

TechnologySep 09, 2013

 Seeking out improvements to the TEM LX2 Type D*1, its bedside therapeutic exercise device for the lower extremities (feet and legs), Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Junji Tsuda, Representative Director, Chairman and President) has recently developed a “Leg Rehabilitation Robot” – a device specially made for physical therapy of the legs. In the months ahead, Yaskawa will obtain medical equipment certification of the robot; plans are for it to be commercialized in early 2014.


1. Goals of Development

 With the arrival of a super-aging society, there has been a shortage of caregivers on the ground in the medical treatment and social welfare areas. As a result, there is a demand embodied in national policy for devices that utilize robot technology. Determined to meet this need, Yaskawa has made improvements to its physical therapy device for the lower extremities, and is set to reintroduce it to the market. Utilization of this device will contribute to the stabilization of the quality and quantity of physical therapy, reduce the burdens placed on caregivers and help to facilitate the self-reliant support offered by primary nursing care providers.

2. Main Features

(1) Incorporates tertiary care operation patterns, making appropriate physical therapy possible
  Incorporates the exercise patterns for the lower extremities used by physical therapy specialists such as physiotherapists, making it possible to control the coordinated movements of the three major joints of the lower extremity (the thigh, knee and ankle) based on the length of the patient’s leg.
(2) Being a device, makes it possible to repeat and vary speed settings and range of motion operations
  Accurate repetitive movements for the joint range of motion and the arbitrary number of operation hours are configurable.


(3) With its bedside form, it is easy to move around and its simple operations also make it easy to use
  Outfitted with omni-directional casters, provides unrestricted movement between beds and sickrooms. The large touch panel makes operations a snap and is also useful for pulling up patient information, which can be reused for the patient’s next treatment session.

3. Major Applications *2

(1) Cerebrovascular patients, patients with osteopathic ailments who need to undergo physical therapy
(2) Older patients who need to restore or maintain motor functions


*1  Released in March 2005, the TEM LX2 Type D was born out of collaborative research with the Kyushu University Hospital.


*2  Limited to utilization under the guidance of a physician or physiotherapist



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