Work-Life Management

As economic conditions and society change, it is essential for a company’s mid- to long-term growth that each and every one of its diverse employees fully demonstrates his or her abilities. To this end, we are working to change our work style to one that is productive and dynamic, and to create a work environment in which employees can work with peace of mind by managing the balance between work and private life.

Expansion of Support System for Balancing Childcare and Nursing Care

Platinum Kurumin

In fiscal 2017, we introduced a system that allows employees to take accumulated leave on an hourly basis, work at home, and take a leave due to their spouses’ overseas transfer. We are increasing the number of work options to support a balance between childcare and nursing care and work. With regard to childcare in particular, since fiscal 2018, we have been receiving a “Platinum Kurumin Certification” from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, in recognition of the introduction and increased use of systems that support balancing work and family, as well as our high standards of measures.

Childcare and nursing care support system

Below is a part of Yaskawa’s childcare and nursing support system.

Shorter working hours Employees raising children can shorten working hours to six hours a day until their children graduate from elementary school.
Spouse childbirth leave (paid leave)

Five days of leave can be taken within eight weeks before and after the due date. *Leave can be split.

Accumulated leave (paid leave) Accumulated leave of three days a year are granted from the second year of working at Yaskawa. Accumulated leave can be held for up to 30 days and can be used for childcare, PTA activities, nursing care, etc. and can be taken on a daily, half-day, or hourly basis.

It is possible to work from home to balance work with childcare and nursing care.*In the case of childcare, teleworking is possible until the child graduates from elementary school (For female employees, teleworking is possible in gestational periods).

Other Support

Accumulated leave

Accumulated leave can be used not only for childcare or nursing care but also for self-treatment, volunteer activities and self-development. In recent years, natural disasters have increased, and many employees have taken advantage of the accumulated leave to participate in volunteer disaster recovery activities.

Efforts to promote the acquisition of annual paid leave

As part of its efforts to create a company that is rewarding to work, Yaskawa encourages employees to take five consecutive days off a year, and many employees take advantage of this system. Through these efforts, we aim not only to take time off to improve our work-life management, but also to create a workplace environment that is free from unreasonableness and waste.


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