Rewarding workplace

Based on the basic concept of maximizing corporate value through customer value creation activities and aiming for “a company worth working for”, we continue to work to improve our personnel systems, work styles, and human resource development to realize the ideal where employees have aspirations, learn autonomously with high motivation, and continue to take on the challenge of creating new value.

Work Style Reform

By fostering a corporate culture and environment in which each and every employee can feel satisfied about his or her work, Yaskawa is strengthening its management base, while at the same time implementing specific measures based on the belief that each employees’ activities that create customer value will increase the corporate value.

Including the above, we are taking measures to strengthen our organizational and human resources capabilities in view of changes in the organization, human resources, and external environment necessary to achieve the “Vision 2025”.

In fiscal 2021, we introduced a telework system in order to increase the number of options available for employees to work in a variety of ways, regardless of time or place, that are taking root as the new normal due to the need to refrain from going to offices or going out due to the spread of the COVID-19.
At the same time, we have created an environment in which employees, whether or not they are in the office, can improve the teams’ or individual productivity and achieve results. We have also created a system in which supervisors can evaluate the results.

Evaluation and compensation system

With the declining birthrate, the aging population, globalization, and the evolution of digital technology, competition for talent is increasing due to changes in the work consciousness of young talent and the increasing importance of highly specialized talent in business. Against this backdrop, in order to secure and promote the advancement of talented human resources, we revised our evaluation and compensation systems to realize attractive compensation that comprehensively takes into account hiring, improved employee performance, retention and future growth.

The new evaluation and compensation system aims to enhance employee satisfaction by weakening the concept of evaluating the accumulation of knowledge and skills through seniority, allowing fair evaluation of the results achieved in performing duties, and enabling compensation based on the role each person plays and the size of the duties.

In addition, we have long sought to return profits to our employees, who are the main contributors to corporate value creation. In the current fiscal year, we have extended our medium- to long-term incentive program to employees. Aiming to increase awareness of participation in management, we have established a system in which stock-based compensation is paid to managers and above according to the level of achievement of the mid-term plan, and cash compensation is paid to employees, which serves as an incentive for employee stock ownership, to raise awareness of the need to increase corporate value. Bonuses are increased without an upper limit if the operating profit ratio exceeds 10%, while if profit margins decline, they are reduced accordingly under a new system that is more linked to profits. We strive to increase motivation from the perspective that employees’ ambitious challenges will lead to future growth and returns of the company.

The new system was introduced in stages from FY2020 to FY2022, and the ES questionnaire (Employee Satisfaction Survey) quantifies the percentage of employees who feel job satisfaction on a regular basis, which has remained high at around 80%.

ES Questionnaire Initiatives

Since fiscal 2016, we have conducted a monthly ES (employee satisfaction) questionnaire survey of all non-consolidated employees. We measure the level of understanding and penetration of management policies, sense of tightness in the workplace, and satisfaction with the personnel system through questionnaires. At the same time, we resolve various issues faced by employees, and aim to foster a corporate culture in which management and all employees work together to realize the long-term management plan “Vision 2025” and achieve the targets of the mid-term management plan.

The response rate to the questionnaire exceeds 90% every month, and we receive a variety of opinions and requests. We publish the results of our questionnaire analysis and provide feedback on all opinions and requests.

In fiscal 2020, the Group companies also started the ES questionnaire survey.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

A Yaskawa stock ownership plan is held as part of the company’s benefit package. This is a system for employees of Yaskawa Electric and its affiliated companies where incentives can be added to funds as allotments for the purchase of stocks.

In addition, the introduction of a medium- to long-term incentive program in fiscal 2022 to encourage employees’ shareholding significantly increased the participation rate of Yaskawa employees, to 69% (as of January 2023). In addition to further increasing employees’ awareness of management participation and motivation to improve business performance, we aim to increase corporate value over the medium- to long-term.


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