Occupational Health and Safety Management

Yaskawa considers health management to be an important initiative for work reform and is implementing activities in line with the following basic policies, along with improvements in safety and health standards.

  1. Eliminate illness and injury caused by working in the company.
  2. Increase the number of employees who voluntarily implement health and safety activities.
  3. Strive to create a safe, livelyl and rewarding work environment for each and every employee.

Occupational Health and Safety

Based on the concept of an occupational health and safety management system, each workplace prepares work standards and conducts education and training, risk assessment, and accident prevention activities in daily work. We also conduct internal audits to ensure that these activities lead to the achievement of our health and safety policies and targets, and provide thorough guidance on the items pointed out by the health and safety committees at each business site to make further improvements. As a result, the frequency rate of occupational accidents in our company has remained below the average for the same industry.

  • *Frequency rate: Indicates the frequency of occurrence of accidents by the number of casualties due to industrial accidents per one million gross hours of actual work.
    Calculation method: (Number of casualties due to industrial accidents/gross hours of actual work) × 1,000,000

  • Health and safety patrol

Implementation of occupational health and safety measures

・By carrying out regular patrols by industrial physicians and health managers, we are working to raise the awareness of safety among those who point out and those who are inspected.

・We are working to ensure that employees submit near misses *.

・In the second half of fiscal 2019, we established safety patrols at our plants and offices in order to enhance inspection based on expert knowledge.

・The following safety and health education programs are implemented.

Training are provided at the time of employment, when work contents are changed, when work standards are established or changed.
Safety and health education for employees within three years of employment
Safety and health education for employees handling specified chemical substances
Special education for workers engaged in dangerous or harmful work
Education corresponding to workplace accident trends

*Events that could lead to future major disasters or accidents

Employee Health Support

With regard to various medical examinations, we take into full consideration the related laws and characteristics of examinations, and strive to implement them organically and efficiently, from grasping the working environment and selecting the subjects, to conducting the examinations and taking follow-up measures. We provide health guidance and education focusing on lifestyle and employment support as well as prevention of work-related illness.

Mental Health Measures

We consider psychiatric disorders and disabilities, as well as other diseases, to be diseases that can occur to anyone, and provide support in terms of daily life and work as necessary.
As part of measures to deal with psychological stress, which has various effects on employees’ health and lives, we use a stress check system and provide feedback to individuals and the workplace based on the results.

Support for People on Sick Leave to Return to the Workplace

When employees return to their workplace after taking long leave due to inevitable sickness or injuries, we prepare the maximum possible physical support structure and physical environment to support them in collaboration with the individuals, as well as their superiors, the administration department, and the industrial doctor.


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