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Yaskawa to acquire 100% ownership of Yaskawa Siemens Automation & Drives Corp.

NewsAug 08, 2018

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) has acquired all shares held by Siemens K.K. (“SKK”; Representative Director and President: Kenichi Fujita) in their joint venture, Yaskawa Siemens Automation & Drives Corp. (“YSAD”; Representative Director and President: Koki Nakamura) and on July 12, 2018 concluded a stock purchase agreement to make YSAD its wholly owned subsidiary which is scheduled on November 1 and to be called Yaskawa Automation Drives Corp; “YAD”.

1. Purpose for Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

YSAD was established in October 1999 as a joint venture company between Yaskawa and the automation and drives division of Siemens AG (head office: Germany) (lately SKK took over stocks) for the purpose of boosting market share by complementing each other with products and technology in the area of industrial drive systems such as paper, pulp, textiles, and film.


The business environment for customers and demanded solutions etc. have been changing in the industrial drive system market in recent years, and the overall industrial field is undergoing a revolution due to Industrie4.0. It is with such a backdrop that Yaskawa in October 2017 unveiled its i3-Mechatronics, a solution concept aimed at realizing a new industrial revolution of automation as identified in its long-term business plan Vision 2025. This concept is not only applicable to mechatronics products such as servos, AC drives, and industrial robots—which Yaskawa is highly competitive on a global scale; but deployments are also possible in the field of industrial drive systems, a specialty area for YSAD, and therefore we have decided to make SAD our subsidiary as a step aimed at embodying the concepts of i3-Mechatronics.


YSAD will continue to maintain its strategic partnership with SKK as YAD to offer systems and solutions to customers as it has to date.

As to Siemens products, SKK will sell products and solutions and offer product services while YAD will continue to offer solutions from system applications and combinations with Yaskawa products.

2. Overview of Joint Company to be Changed


1) Trade name        Yaskawa Siemens Automation & Drives Corp.  (to become Yaskawa Automation & Drives Corp.)
2) Representative Koki Nakamura (President and CEO)
3) Address Gate City Ohsaki West Tower 7F, 1-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 Japan
4) Date established October 1, 1999
5) Main area of  business Design, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of electric machine and its systems for industrial use
6) Capital 2.125 billion yen


3. Overview of Company Transferring its Stocks


1) Trade name Siemens K.K.
2) Representative Representative Director and President: Kenichi Fujita
3) Address   Gate City Ohsaki West Tower 5F, 1-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 Japan
4) Date established December 20, 2001
5) Main area of business   Development, manufacturing, import and export, sales, repair, maintenance and leasing of electric machinery and appliances for power generation, transmission, distribution, and transformation; machinery and devices for instrumentation and control; system development, manufacturing, import and export, sales, repair, and maintenance​
6) Capital 4.3363 billion yen

4. Impact on Performance

Impact of the establishment of the wholly-owned subsidiary on performance is contained in Yaskawa’s consolidated earnings forecast for the period to February 2019 announced on April 12, 2018.


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