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Formulation of Yaskawa Group Sustainability Policy

NewsMar 15, 2021

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Head Office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) is pleased to announce that it has formulated a sustainability policy for the Yaskawa Group while strengthening its sustainability management organization in order to realize a sustainable society and increase corporate value.

1.Purpose of Formulation

In recent years, social problems, such as environmental problems and widening social disparities, have become more serious, and efforts to prevent and eradicate these social issues have been accelerated globally, including the United Nations SDGs and the Paris Agreement, which is a framework for global warming countermeasures.

Yaskawa has been working to realize a sustainable society through its corporate activities based on the Group Principle of Management. To strengthen initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of society, we formulated the sustainability policy.

2.Sustainability Policy

We will strive to realize a sustainable society and increase corporate value through the implementation of the Yaskawa Group Principle of Management which is to leverage the pursuit of our business to contribute to the advancement of society and the well-being of humankind.

1. We will contribute to the value creation for customers and society through creating innovation by cutting-edge mechatronics technologies.
2. We will realize fair and transparent corporate management through communication and collaboration with stakeholders around the world.
3. We will work to resolve social issues globally with the aim of achieving SDGs as a universal goal.


In addition, in line with the formulation of the Sustainability Policy, we have prepared policies related to sustainability, and newly established the following.


・Corporate Governance Policy

・Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

・Human Rights Policy

・Tax Policy


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