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Establishment of the 2050 Carbon Neutral Target and Promotion of the Introduction of Renewable Energy by Yaskawa Group for the Prevention of Global Warming

NewsMar 01, 2021

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Head Office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) is pleased to announce that it has set a new carbon neutral target for 2050 in “YASKAWA ECO VISION *¹”, the Group’s environmental vision, and is introducing renewable energy.


In its “YASKAWA ECO VISION”, the Group aims to make further contributions by reducing environmental impact in its manufacturing activities as green processes, as well as by enhancing the environmental performance of its products with technological capabilities, and reducing the environmental impact of the society through the products as green products. In order to prevent global warming, which is a social issue for all humankind, we have set a new target of “2050 CARBON NEUTRAL CHALLENGE” to reduce CO2 *² emissions from the Group’s global business activities to practically zero, in other words carbon neutral, by 2050, and to achieve 36% reduction in 2030 compared to 2018.


As part of achieving this goal, we have implemented a variety of energy-saving measures and introduced solar power generation systems. We have now completed the introduction of 100% renewable energy-derived electricity at our Yahatanishi, Nakama, and Kokura Plants. As a result, in February 2021, renewable energy accounted for about 40% of Yaskawa Electric’s electricity demand in Japan. This initiative will be expanded to all domestic and overseas bases in the future.


We also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the world through the supply of AC drives and other products that boast the world’s highest performance utilizing power conversion technology, which is Yaskawa’s core technology. To this end, Yaskawa has been working to achieve “CCE 100 *³”, with which it will promote the reduction of CO2 emissions of the world through its products and make the reduction more than 100 times the amount of CO2 emitted by Yaskawa Group in 2025. (Result in fiscal 2019 was approximately 75 times.)


Taking this opportunity to set new targets, we will continue our business activities with greater consideration for the environment, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society and increasing our corporate value.


*1 Yaskawa Group’s Environmental Vision “YASKAWA ECO VISION”

*2 Including carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases such as Fluorocarbons, etc.

*3 Contribution to Cool Earth 100


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