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Expanding the Environmental Energy Business FieldAnnouncement Regarding Strengthening the Operating Structure for the Industrial Motor Business

NewsJan 10, 2013

This announcement is in regard to the fact that Yaskawa Electric Corporation (President: Junji Tsuda) will be strengthening the operating structure of industrial motor business with the aim of expanding the environmental energy business field.

1. Aim

 Yaskawa Electric manufactures industrial motors and develops business in the Kitakyushu area through Yaskawa Motor Co., Ltd. and related companies. To reinforce industrial motor business amid the maturation of existing domestic markets, the Company is endeavoring to expand business in the environmental energy field expected to grow in the future, such as energy-saving motors, vehicle motors, and wind turbine generators, while simultaneously consolidating our Group resources to promote efficiency.

2. Summary

 Yaskawa Motor Co., Ltd. will absorb its subsidiaries, Seinan Electric Corporation and Y-E TEC Co., Ltd. on March 21, 2013 to strengthen the operating structure for the industrial motor business.


 The manufacturing of major products in the environmental energy field, such as the permanent-magnet motor, will be consolidated with Yaskawa Manufacturing Co., our production company, to streamline production functions and domestically manufacture the products.

 In addition, outsourced overseas manufacturing of medium-and-large-sized induction motors will be expanded to secure investment capability in growing fields.


 In the medium and long term, there will be a significant shift into business areas expected to grow, such as energy-saving motors, vehicle motors, wind turbine generators, and ultra-high capacity servo motors, as well as the development of Yaskawa Motor Co., Ltd. into a core motor company that supports our Group’s environmental energy business.

3. Impacts on Performance

 These endeavors will not impact the Group’s business forecasts for the fiscal year ending in March 2013.

4. The New Operating Structure

Company name:   Yaskawa Motor Co., Ltd.
Location:       Kitakyushu, Japan
Management:    Tsutomu Yoshinaga (President)



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