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Development of an EV Motor Without a Neodymium Magnet

New ProductJan 15, 2013

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (President: Junji Tsuda) has developed an EV motor without a neodymium magnet.


1. Development Aim

 The prices of rare earths such as the neodymium and dysprosium used in many motors are volatile due to factors that include uneven resource distribution, and as such stable acquisition is difficult. This is one of the issues involving EV motors, an area that is expected to grow. Therefore, Yaskawa Electric has developed an EV motor without a neodymium magnet that instead utilizes the easily acquired and inexpensive ferrite.
 Densification of the stator coils was achieved using rectangular wire, and external dimensions equal to existing motors using neodymium were accomplished by optimizing the rotor’s magnetic circuit.

2. Major Advantages

(1) Optimizing the form and placement of the magnet and core in the IPM structure using the ferrite magnet enhances torque characteristics and improves the issue of low-temperature demagnetization.


(2) The stator’s lamination factor improves about 30%, and the structure was made to facilitate automation.of manufacturing.


(3) Utilizing it in our own winding changeover motor results in a motor drive that also has high-efficiency characteristics.

3. Specs for Prototype Motor


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