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Yaskawa (China) Robotics Co., Ltd. Starts Operation

NewsJul 05, 2013

 Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Junji Tsuda, Representative Director, Chairman and President) commenced robot production at its Yaskawa (China) Robotics Co., Ltd. facilities established in Wujin High-Tech Industrial Zone, Changzhou City, Jiāngsū Province, China on May 20. The opening ceremony for the facility was held on June 22.


1.Objective of Establishment

 Recently China has seen a noticeable increase in the introduction of robots for automation purposes with automotive-related markets having been especially keen to introduce robots to their operations. Moreover, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for robotics in a wide range of industries involving heavy transportation and similar operations. Taking note of China’s market scale and future growth potential, Yaskawa Electric is starting up production in China based on the concept of production for local demand.
 With its sights set on the “implementation of glocal management” promoted in the “Realize 100” mid-term management plan, Yaskawa is putting together a structure involving production in China. This setup will allow the company to offer an optimal level of local market-based support. Furthermore, future plans are to supply industrial robots to China, as well as the rest of Asia.

2.About Yaskawa (China) Robotics Co., Ltd.

Company name: YASKAWA (China) Robotics Co., Ltd.
Location: 59 Wujin West Road, Wujin High-Tech Industrial Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, 213166 P.R. of China
Establishment: March 2, 2012
Capital: 27.5 million USD (as of June 2013)
Investment ratio: 100% by Yaskawa Electric (China) Co., Ltd.
Business: Production of industrial robots and controllers
Production capacity: 250 units/ month in FY2013 (starting September 2013)
             1,000 units/ month in FY2015 (plan)
Start of production: May 20, 2013
Scale: Site area 52,000 square meters, gross floor space 29,500 square meters
Employees: About 400 as of the end of FY2015 (plan)

3.The Opening Ceremony

 Held on June 22, the opening ceremony was an upscale event attended by a total of more than 300 guests including officials connected to the Changzhou City administration. What’s more, members of the Chinese and Japanese news media also covered the event, providing positive coverage of the company’s Chinese robot production goals as well as its new production facility.



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