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Revision of the Yaskawa Group’s 2050 Carbon Neutral Target
Setting new targets for CO₂ emissions along the supply chain (Scope 3)

NewsMay 19, 2022

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Headquarters: Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka; Representative Director, Chairman of the Board, President: Hiroshi Ogasawara) announced today that it has revised its 2050 carbon neutral target established in 2021 under its environmental vision, YASKAWA ECO VISION *¹. As a milestone, YASKAWA Electric has revised the reduction target of CO₂ *² emissions (Scope 1 *³ plus Scope 2 *) resulting from its global business activities in 2030 from 36% to 51% compared to 2018, and has also newly added the reduction target of CO₂ emissions (Scope 3 *⁵) along the up- and downstream supply chain including suppliers and customers to 15% compared to 2020.


Under the Yaskawa ECO VISION, the Yaskawa Group aims to further reduce the environmental impact of its production activities (green processes), enhance the environmental performance of its products with its technological capabilities, and make further contributions by reducing the environmental impact of its products (green products). In 2021, our group set a target of 2050 CARBON NEUTRAL CHALLENGE to reduce its CO₂ emissions from Scope 1 and Scope 2 to net zero (carbon neutral) by 2050.

With this revision of Group targets, we have been able to set higher targets because our internal initiatives have progressed faster than the original targets, and because we now have an environment in which we can trace CO₂ emissions (Scope 3) along the supply chain. An application for SBTi * certification is under way * to ensure consistency with the scientific evidence for these targets.


In order to contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions through the supply of these products, our Group has been engaged in business activities with the original goal of increasing the contribution of our products to CO₂ reduction by more than 100 times the CO₂ emissions of the Group by 2025, called CCE100 *⁸. To achieve these targets, our Group has introduced an internal carbon pricing system with an internal carbon price of 5,000 yen per ton of CO₂, and is making aggressive environmental investments. Based on the revised targets, we aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and increase corporate value by continuing our business activities with even greater consideration for the environment. 


*1 About Yaskawa Eco Vision

*2 It includes carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (CFCs, etc.).

*3 Scope 1: Emissions mainly associated with fuel use (direct emissions by the company)

*4 Scope 2: Emissions from purchased electricity and heat (indirect emissions by electric power companies, etc.)

*5 Scope 3: Indirect emissions other than scope 1 and scope 2 (emissions of other companies related to business activities)

*6 Science Based Targets initiative: An international initiative to certify that a company’s CO₂ reduction targets are consistent with scientific evidence.

*7 Application for certification as a 1.5 degrees Celsius target to limit the global average temperature rise due to climate change to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial CO₂ levels.

*8 Contribution to Cool Earth 100


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