Environmental Vision and Targets

Reduction of the CO2 emissions through our products by 100 times of the amount emitted by the Group in 2025,in order to pass the bounty of the earth’s blessings to the next generation

– Promoting environmental management using green processes and green products that must go hand-in-hand –

Through our original style of environmental management, the Yaskawa Group is promoting green processes to reduce adverse environmental impacts associated with production activities and the use of Yaskawa’s green products by our customers around the world to lighten the load on the environment.
In recognition that climate change is a pressing issue that must be addressed, the Group will double down on our commitment to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions through our products by at least 100 times of the amount of CO2 emissions emitted by the Group in 2025 to continuously improve our corporate value.
In fiscal 2020, the Group made steady progress in reducing CO2 emissions due to the wide-scale adoption of electricity derived from renewable energy sources. However, due to the decline in sales of green products caused by trade friction between the U.S. and China and the impact of Covid-19, the amount of CO2 emissions reduced by our products declined, and the CCE100 worsened to approximately 63 times.

*1 Contribution to Cool Earth 100

Yaskawa Group’s Vision and Long-term Plans for the Environment

Yaskawa makes contributions to the environment by reducing the burdens that result from its manufacturing activities (green process) at a greater rate, and by reducing the burden on the ecosystem with its products (green products) leveraging its technology to enhance the environmental performance.
As climate change poses a number of problems on a global scale, we are striving to enhance corporate value by pursuing sustainability through multifaceted environmental activities, with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions through products that utilize one of our company’s core competences of power conversion.


The Yaskawa Group aims to achieve net zero CO2* emissions (carbon neutral) in our business activities by 2050. To achieve this goal, we will reduce net CO2 emissions by 36% compared to the year 2018.

  • 2050CarbonNeutral

*CO2:Includes carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, such as fluorocarbons.

  Midterm Environmental Plan Targets for FY2022 Initiatives and Results for FY2020 Self Evaluation
Green Process 10% reduction (compared to FY2018) in total CO2 emissions by the Yaskawa Group

10% reduction (compared to FY2018) in total CO2 emissions by the Yaskawa Group

58% renewable energy rate (YEC)

43% renewable energy rate (YEC)

Volume of waste discharged by the Group: Equal to or lower than that in 2018

Volume of waste discharged by the Group: 96% (compared to FY2018)

‎‎Proper water management: Equal to or less water consumed than that in 2018 (YEC)

Volume of water consumed by the YEC: 74% (compared to FY2018)

Green Products Cumulative reduction of 73 million tons of CO2 emissions with the use of Yaskawa products (cumulative total from FY2016 onward).

35,460,000 tons of CO2 emissions reduced with the use of Yaskawa products

100% compliance with the RoHS Directive (not inclusive of 10 restricted substances (six original substances plus four additional substances))

Target products are 100% compliant with the RoHS Directive. Compliance for four additional substances is complete.

Environmental Management Increase in the number of companies covered under EMS in the Yaskawa Group
Environmental impact load ratio: 95% or greater

Added two overseas Group companies.

Self-evaluated achievement ratios to targets: ◎ – 130% or more, 〇 – 100% or more, △ – 50% or more, × – under 50%


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