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AC drive GA700 Series Capacity Expansion
– GA700 400V class capacity up to 630 kW –

New ProductOct 19, 2023

Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Head Office: Kita-Kyushu, Fukuoka, Japan; Representative Director and President: Masahiro Ogawa) announces today that the GA700 series of next-generation AC drives, were released in November 2015, expand the existing 400V-class capacity lineup of 0.4- 355 kW up to 0.4- 630 kW and will begin sales on October 19, 2023.


    AC drive GA700 Series

1. The Aim of Expanding the Lineup

The GA700 series of AC drives for general industrial purposes, commercialized under the concepts of versatility, easy to use, and reliability, since the launch in November 2015, have not only demonstrated the functions and performance that customers want, but also pursued higher efficiency through new motor control, lower costs for systems incorporating peripherals, and higher productivity in using IoT. And they have been well received by many customers.


This time, the 400V-class capacity lineup has been expanded from 0.4 to 355 kW up to 0.4 to 630 kW. With the addition of the high-capacity band, the GA700 now can be applied to larger general industrial machinery and equipment for a wider range of applications. It is significantly smaller and lighter than the previous model and contributes to the space-saving of customers’ equipment.

2. Key Features

1) Expanded selection of AC Drive capacity

The previous model, the A1000, had two types of lineup, 500 kW and 630 kW, but the GA700 has four types, 450 kW, 500 kW, 560 kW and 630 kW, making it possible to more finely optimize the AC drive capacity relative to the motor capacity. For example, with a motor capacity of 560 kW, the AC drive capacity of previous models is 630 kW, but the GA 700 can select 560 kW, which contributes to cost reduction.


    *Comparison by light load rating

2) Smaller size and lighter weight

Major changes in the main circuit configuration have made the A1000 significantly smaller and lighter than the previous models. For example, compared with the 630 kW model, the total mounting size is reduced by 40% and the mass is down by 35%, making it possible to use factory space effectively.


    Comparison at 630 kW AC drive capacity (mounting size, installation space and mass)

3) Improved maximum output voltage

The previous model in this capacity band, the A1000, had a maximum output voltage of 95% of the input voltage, but the GA700 was reconfigured to accommodate the maximum output voltage equivalent to the input voltage. This makes it possible to combine motors with a higher rated voltage compared to the previous models, thereby reducing the motor current.

*It depends on the motor performance.


4) Basic Functions and Performance

Basic functions and performance are comparable to the GA700, which is currently on sale.

For more details, refer to the following information:

3. Major Applications

The newly added capacity band is ideal for a wide range of large industrial machinery.

Large crane  Compressor

Press machine   Extruder, etc.

4. Sales Plan

1) Product capacity lineup

 200V class 3-phase 0.4 – 110 kW: 20 models in total

   400V class 3-phase 0.4 – 630*kW: 28 models in total

      *Expansion capacity: 400V class 3-phase 400kW /450kW, 450kW/500kW, 500kW/560kW, 560kW/630kW

        (Listed in the heavy load / light load rating)


2) Release schedule

Orders started on Thursday, October 19, 2023



For inquires, contact:

Corporate Communications Dept.

YASKAWA Electric Corporation



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